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Rodert Flavy Kazandjiev

Position: Associate professor

Department: Solid Mechanics

Room number: 47

Phone: +359 2 979 2006+359 2 979 2006


Scientific degrees, institution, year: Doctor in Applied Mechanics, IMech, 2008

Fields of Research:

Sulfate corrosion, cement stone, diffusion, metal forming, plasticity, damage, fracture, defect development/annihilation


Extended Information

Scientific career (years)

Professional career:
1977 – 3d degree Research fellow
1980 – 2nd degree Research fellow
1985 – 1st degree Research fellow
2011 – Associate professor

Full list of publications


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Recent Publications:


  1. R. Kazandjiev, P. Gospodinov, M. Mironova, Response of cement based composites to sulfate attack of moderate intensity, Comptes rendus de l'Academie bulgare des Sciences, 2014 (in print).
  2. R. Kazandjiev, Assessment of the rolling speed of a multi-cell mill for sheet hot rolling, Comptes rendus de l'Academie bulgare des Sciences, 6(3), 2013, 423-430.
  3. R. Kazanjiev, P. Gospodinov, M. Mironova, 1D and 2D Models of Sulfate Ions Diffusion into a Cement Based Mineral Composite, Proc. of the Intern. Scientific Conf. “Design and Construction of Structures and Facilities and Application of the Eurocodes”, DCB 2010, Varna.
  4. R. Kazandjiev, Assessment of the Velocity Regime of a Multi-cell Rolling Mill, Journal of Machine Design and Research, Techn. University –Varna, ISSN 1212-8612., vol. 6, pp. 3-6  (2009). (Bulgarian).
  5. Kazandjiev, R., Admissible rolling regimes in a multi-cell rolling mill, Proc. 26th Intern. Scientific Conf., 65 Years Faculty of Machine Technology, Sofia Technical University, 13-16 Sept. 2010, Sozopol, Bulgaria, 114-122 .
  6. R.Kazandjiev, P.Gospodinov, M.Mironova, Change of the Pore structure of Thin Cement Stone Specimens Subjected to Sulfate Attack, Proc. of the 11-th Nat. Congress on TAM, Borovets 2009, Section “Solid Mechanics”, CD Rom (2009).
  7. P. Gospodinov, M. Mironova, R. Kazandjiev, Pore Structure Prediction in Silicate Cement Based Composite Materials Subjected to Sulfate Attack,  Proc. of the 12th Intern. Conf. Mechanics and Technology of Composite Mater., Sofia, 2009, pp. 72-77 (2009).
  8. R. Kazandjiev, Analytical Assessment of Material Damage Gained During Hot Rolling of Metal Sheets, Doctor’s Thesis, Inst. of Mechanics, Sofia 2008 (Bulgarian).
  9. R. Kazandjiev, Assessment of Damage of a Pressure-Formed Metal, Proc. Jubil. Intern. Scientific Conf. VSU’2008 Sofia, vol. 1, pp 129-14 (2008) (Bulgarian).
  10. Gospodinov P., Mironova M., Kazandjiev R., Mechanisms of Sulfate Ionic Diffusion in Porous Cement Based Composites, Computers & Concrete, vol. 4, No 4, pp.273-284 (2007).
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  12. M. Mironova, P. Gospodinov, R. Kazandjiev, The Effect of Liquid Push Out of the Material Capillaries under Sulfate Ion Diffusion in Cement Composites, Cement and Concrete Research, Elsevier Sc., 32 1 (Jan. 2002), 9-15.
  13. P.Gospodinov, R.Kazandjiev, T.Partalin, M. Mironova, Diffusion of Sulfate Ions into Cement Stone Regarding Simultaneous Chemical Reactions and Resulting Effects, Cement and Concrete Research, Elesevier Sc., 29 (1999), 1591-1596.
  14. R. F. Kazandjiev, N. M. Sirakov Reconstruction of Cracks Occurring in a Compressed Plastic Material, Proc. QCAV98 Int.Conf. on Quality Control by Artific.Vision, Takamatsu, Kagawa University, Kagawa, Japan 1998, 319 - 324.
  15. P.Gospodinov, R.Kazandjiev, M.Mironova, The Effect of Sulphate Ions Diffusion on the Structure of Cement Stone, Cement and Concrete Composites, Elsevier Sc., 1996, vol.18, No.6, 401 - 407.



  1. Project  “Modeling of microfluid flows in MEMS”, Grant No  DID 02/20, Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, National Fund “Scientific research”, 2010-2013, PARTICIPANT
  2. Project “Hidromel”, Grant 062266, 6th FP of the EU, 2006-.2010, PARTICIPANT
  3. Project “Corrosion and modification of the mechanical properties of mineral composites under the diffusion of chemically aggressive agents”, Grant No. ТН 1106/2001, Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, National Fund “Scientific research”, 2001-2005, HEAD
  4. Project “Assessment of the structural and strength modifications of mineral composites  undergoing impacts of chemically aggressive media”, Grant No ТН 577/95, Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science,  National Fund “Scientific research”, 1996-1999, HEAD




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