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Kostadin Grozev Kostadinov

Position: Professor
Department: Mechatronics
Room number: 430
Phone: +359 2 979 6487


Scientific degrees, institution, year:

Assoc. Prof., Institute of Mechanics- 1998;

Ph.D., Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1994

Fields of Research:

Mechatronics and Robotics

Extended Information

Recent Publications:

  1. Florin Ionescu, Kostadin Kostadinov, Ilie Talpasanu, Dragos Arotaritei, George Constantin, Chapter 8: Design, Analysis, Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Microscale and Nanoscale Cell Manipulations (38p.) in Eds: Tachung C. Yih and Ilie Talpasanu, Micro and Nano Manipulations for Biomedical Applications ISBN 978-1-59693-254-8, Artech house Copyright 2008

  2. Kostadinov K., Academic science as a source for innovation – chapter 7 (pp.161-190), in Ed.: M. Petrov etc.: Innovations. European, national and regional politics, 2008, ARC Fund Edition, ISBN 978-954-9456-12-7, Sofia.

  3. Kostadinov K., R. Kasper, T. Tiankov, M. Al-Wahab, D. Gotseva, Telemanipulation control of mechatronic handling devices for micro/nano operations, in St. Dimov, W. Menz and Y. Toshev(Eds.), 4M2007 Third Int. conference on Multi- Material Micro Manufacture (Borovetz, 03.10.-05.10.2007), Whittles Publishing CRC Press, ISBN 978-1904445-52-1, USA ISBN 978-1-4200-7004-0, pp.241-24

  4. K. Костадинов (Ed.), Entrepreneurship and business planning for technology oriented start up companies, Academic Publishing House “Prof. M. Drinov” and GIS-TransferCenter Foundation, Sofia, 2007, 323 p., ISBN 978-954-322-235-3.

  5. F. Ionescu, I. Talpasanu, K. Kostadinov, R. Hradynarski, and D. Arotaritei, Closed Chain Mechanism of a Micro and Nano Robot for Cell Manipulations, in Ed.: K. Schilling, Proceeding of Robotics and Applications and Telematics - ~RA 2007~ 2007, Wuertzburg, Germany, 29-31.08.2007

  6. K. Kostadinov, IMPEDANCE APPROACH FOR CONCEPTUAL DESIGN OF MECHATRONIC SYSTEMS, Proceeding of 16th Int. Conference on Manufacturing Systems, 22.11.2007, Bucharest

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  10. D. Dantchev, K. Kostadinov, On Forces and Interactions at Small Distances in Micro and Nano Assembly Process, in W. Menz and St. Dimov (Eds.), 4M2005 Second International conference on Multi- Material Micro Manufacture (Grenoble, 20.09.-22.09.2006), Elsevier, pp.241-245

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Recent Projects:

  1. FP6 EC Hydromel “Hybrid Ultra Precision Manufacturing Process Based on Positional- and Self-assembly for Complex Micro-Products”; 01.10.2006 – 30.09.2010

  2. DFG MeCHaPiCS “Mechatronic handling devices based on piezo-ceramic structures for micro- and nano-applications”, 01.12.2007 – 30.11.2009.


Senior Member of IEEE (Robotics and Automation Society),

Member of American – Romanian Academy of Arts and Science;

Member of Managing Board of Bulgarian Robotics Society and founder;

Member of Bulgarian Union of Scientists;

Honors: NATO and DFG award for research - 1999

Modified date:08-03-2016