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Nikola Petrov

Position: Associate Professor

Department: Solid Mechanics

Room number: 426

Phone: +359 2 979


Scientific degrees:



PhD, Bulgarian Academy of Science, 1982

Field of Research:



Mechanics of Continua, Non-Classical Thermodynamics, Active Bio-Continua, Lacunar-Canalicular Transport in Bone

Extended Information

Recent Publications:

N. Petrov, A. Szekeres, New Approach to the Non-Classical Heat Conduction, 2008

N. Petrov,
General Thermodynamic Theory for Active Bio-Continuum, 2007

N. Petrov, S.R. Pollack,
Comparative Analysis of Diffusive and Stress Induced Nutrient Transport
Efficiency in the Lacunar-Canalicular System of Osteons
, 2003

N. Petrov, S.R. Pollack,
The Idea that Stress Induced Fluid Flow Can Provide Sufficient Nutrient Transport in Osteons Could be an Illusion, 2003

N. Petrov, Y. Brankov,
Modern Problems of Thermodynamics (book, in Russian, 282 p.), "Мir", Moscow, 1986.

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