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Ilia Roussev Roussev

Position: Senior research associated (Assoc. Prof.)

Department: Mechatronics

Room number: 56 and lab. 11.

Phone: +359 2 979 6403.



Scientific degrees, institution, year:



PhD, Research Institute of cinematography and photography, Moscow, 1979.

Fields of Research:



- Optical (speckle) metrology;

- Image processing;

- Holography;

- Design of experiments.

Extended Information:



Selected Publications:



  • 1. Stavrov, V., Shulev A., Hardalov Ch., Todorov V., Roussev I. All-silicon microforce sensor for bio applications, Proc. of SPIE, v. 8763, 2013, pp. 0Y (1-6). [DOI: 10.1117/12.2017368].
  • 2. Shulev A., Roussev I., Kostadinov K. Force sensor for cell injection and characterization, Proc. of (Second) International Conference on Manipulation, Manufacturing and Measurement on the Nanoscale (3M-NANO), 29.08-01.09.2012, Xi'an, China, 978-1-4673-4589-7/2012 IEEE, pp. 335-338. [ISBN: 978-1-4673-4589-7].
  • 3. Shulev A., Tiankov T., Roussev I., et al. Optical approach for positioning control of mechatronic handling devices for micro-manipulations, In: Proc of the 7th Baltic - Bulgarian Conference on Bionics & Prosthetics, Biomechanics & Mechanics, Mechatronics & Robotics (ICBBM’2010), Liepaya, Latvia, 24–28 May 2010, pp. 62-65.
  • 4. Shulev A., Roussev I., Tiankov T., et al. Visual servoing of a robotic cell injection system. Machine Mechanics, v. 91, 2010, 7, pp. 63-66.
  • 5. Shulev A., Roussev I., Tiankov T., et al. Vision control of a hybrid robotic system for cells injection. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (JTAM), Sofia, v. 40, 2010, 2, pp. 83-92.
  • 6. Shulev A., Paepegem W., Roussev I., et al. Window security film investigation by optical techniques. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (JTAM), Sofia, v. 40, 2010, 3, pp. 79-88.
  • 7. Paepegem W., Shulev A., Roussev I., et al. Study of the deformation characteristics of window security film by digital image correlation techniques. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, v. 47, 2009, 3-4, pp. 390-397.
  • 8. Van Paepegem, W., S. De Pauwa A. Shulev, I. Roussev, J. Degrieck & V. Sainov, “Study of the Deformation Characteristics of Window Security Film With Optical Techniques”, Proc. of the OPTIMESS’2007, Belgium, pp. 172-180 (2007).
  • 9. Shulev, A., A. Gotchev, A. Foi, I. Roussev, Threshold selection in transform-domain denoising of speckle pattern fringes, Proc. of SPIE, vol. 6252 pp. 20-1–20-7 (2006).
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  • 13. Roussev, I., T. Partalin, E. Toshev, A. Shulev, & P. Koulev, Digital Speckle-Metrology Local Investigations of Sedimentation and Surface Effects in Liquids, Proc. of SPIE, vol. 3825 pp. 174-185 (1999).
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  • 15. Roussev, I., E. Toshev, P. Koulev, T. Partalin, & V. Madjarova, One-Beam Digital Speckle Interferometry Applied to Sedimentation in Fluids Investigations, Proc. of SPIE, vol. 3573, pp. 272-275 (1998).
  • 16. Koulev, P., P. Aswendt, V. Balavessov, R. Hofling, I. Roussev, & V. Grosser, Two Fringe Evaluation Methods Applied to Thermal Expansion Coefficient Measurements by Speckle-Photography: a comparison, Proc. of SPIE, vol. 1183, p. 382-388, (1990).



  • Koulev, P., S. Patarinski, M. Konstantinov & I. Roussev „Method and optical device for joining of two axes in the space”, BG Patent No. 37795, G 01 B 11/02, 16.05.1986.
  • Koulev, P. & I. Roussev „Optical method for sizes determination of small displacements of objects in lateral direction”, BG Patent No. 38594, G 01 B 11/00, 16.02.1987.




  1. Specialized Mechatronic Systems for Micro- and Nano-Technologies, (SpeSi-MiNT), Contract TK01/0532 of the Bulgarian National Science Foundation, 2008-2012. Leader of sub-project 3: Opto-mechatronic systems for inspection in the micro- and nano-technologies.

  2. Development of Algorithms and Digital Systems for 3D Optical Scanning of Nano-, Micro-, and Macro Objects (3D scan), Contract No. NIF-02-70/28.12.2007.

  3. Hybrid Ultra Precision Manufacturing Process Based on Positional- and Self-assembly for Complex Micro-products (Sixth Framework Program) No. NMP-CT-2006-026622-2 – HYDROMEL.

  4. Speckle metrology for full-field measurement of deformation of composites, Joint Research Project – CLOSPI, BAS (Bulgaria) and University of Gent (Belgium), Department of Applied Mechanics, Experimental Stress Analysis Group. Started: January 2006.

  5. Numerical and Metrological Methods for Characterization of Industrial and Natural Powder Materials, ТN-1521/05, Bulgarian National Science Fund.




Membership: Union of physicists in Bulgaria


Modified date:29-02-2016