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Емил Маноах

Професор, ръководител на направление МДТТ

Секция: Механика на деформируемото твърдо тяло

Стая №: 204

Тел.: +359 2 9796426


Научни степени, организация, година:



Доктор, Софийски университет, 1986

Ст. н. с. II ст., Институт по механика, 1995

Професор, Институт по Механика,2013

Области на професионален интерес (ключови думи):

Механика на твърдо тяло, нелинейна динамика на конструкции, биомеханика, роботика


Допълнителна инфомация


Професионална автобиография


Избрани публикации:


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Международни договори



COST Action  CA18202 (European Cooperation in Science and Technology Action) : Optimising Design for Inspection . (Member of the Management Committee)






















h2020 project  MSCA-ITN-2014-ETN: Marie Skłodowska- Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN-ETN)  MIGRATE  -


Experienced researcher in the project FP-7 245479 CEMCAST project of the Lubin University of Technology


FP7 Networks for Initial Training (ITN) “Gas Flows in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems” GASMEMS .


Royal Society of Edinburgh grant (coordinated by Prof. I. Trendafilova , University of Strathclyde, UK)


Principle investigator - Royal Society  Scheme  - International Joint Project  2006/R2     Increasing the safety of nonlinear  vibrating thermally loaded structures


FP6 program of European Union project:  EGEE-III Enabling Grids for E-sciencE-III)  ,


FP6 program project:  EGEE-II of European Union project (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE-II) Contract Number 031688


Project coordinator (Principle investigator) of NATO Colaborative Linkage Grant. Preventing Disasters from Collapse of Aircraft Structures using vibration based health monitoring (with UK and Poland).

2004 -

Principal investigator in Multi-Material Micro Manufacture: Technologies and Applications -4M Network of Excellence in 6th Framework program of EC, coordinated  by Cardiff University, UK



COBASE 2002 PROJECT DEVELOPMENT & INITIATION VISITS, NSF, USA Thermoelastic large amplitude vibrations of thin-walled structures (fellowship supported by National Science Foundation-USA) : August -September 2003



NATO scholarship in CENUME, IDMEC - Pólo FEUP,  Porto, Porugal

Thermoelastic large amplitude vibrations of beams

1998 -2000



NATO Linkage Grant "Mechanical Analysis of the Stent/Artery System" with, Florida International University, Miami, USA, Brown Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, USA.




Изследователски договори с български организации


Theoretical study of rarefied gas flows without and with chemical reactions and the related interaction of gas-elastic elements in micro / nano systems. Project with Bulgarian research fund (NRF). 50 000 EUR


2018 -2024
























Principal Investigator of the Institute of Mechanics’ team of the CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE IN INFORMATICS AND INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES (BG05M2OP001-1.001-0003) funded through the Operational Program “Science and Education for Smart Growth”. The total amount of the grant is BGN 29 355 861 (more than15 M euro): BGN 24 952 482 (85%) are provided by the European Regional Development Fund and BGN 4 403 379 (15%) are the national co-financing. Funding for the Institute of Mechanics – 250  000 EUR


Principal Investigator of the Institute of Mechanics’ team of the National Centre for Distributed and  parallel computing contract according to the National Road Map project for scientific equipment – Ministry of Science and Education , Bulgaria - ≈ 400 000 EUR.



Theoretical study of unsteady gas flows in micro/nano systems. Project DN 02-7 /2016 with Bulgarian research fund (NRF). 50 000 EUR



Principle investigator from the partner organization IMech at the project
NSF Grant DUNK-01/3 coordinated by Technical University of Sofia.

Principle investigator  of A work-package of the project DCVP 02/1 –
“Super computers applications” with  NRF  coordinated by IICT-BAS, Sofia



Principle investigator of  from the partner organization IMech at the project  DCVP 02/1 –  “Super computers applications” with NRF  coordinated by IICT-BAS, Sofia.



Principal Investigator of the project ТН-1518/05 Nonlinear vibrations of thin-walled structures, applicable in aviation and methods for damage detections


2001 - 2005

Principal Investigator of the project ТН-1103/01 Dynamic and stability of thin-walled structures subjected to thermal and mechanical loading



Членство в научни организации:

Governing body of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Bulgarian Union of Scientists,

Bulgarian Union of Mathematicians,

National Scientific Council of Mechanics,

General Assembly of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,

Scientific Council of the Institute of Mechanics (Chairman),

National Scientific Council of Mechanics of Structures.

National Scientific Council of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics



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