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Cooperation and projects

During the last five years, the Institute of Mechanics has participated in 5 projects within the scope of the 6th and 7th FP of the EU. Two of them are internationalscientific networks of excellence of the European Commission with over 70 other scientific organizations as network partners. The area of activity of one large and integrated project is that of high technologies, another one deals with genomics and the last one covers education in the MEMC area in compliance with the Marie Curie program of the European Network.


The Institute also participates in: 1 project financed by the COST program of the European Scientific Foundation, 6 NATO projects, 1 NASA project (USA), 3 projects with the DFG, 22 projects financed by the National Foundation “Scientific Research” at the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, 1 project of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science with scientists from Greece as co-participants, 1 project within the “Rila” program (France). The Institute operates 19 projects according to contracts for scientific exchange between BAS and academic institutions from England, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel etc.

Overall, the Institute has participated in 13 scientific projects within the framework of the 4, 5, 6 and 7 FP of the EU and in 11 NATO projects.

The Institute is co-founder of the virtual institute KMM-NoE with head-office in Brussels. It is also a part of the GRID-society in Bulgaria and party in the European GRID – project EGEE2.

Modified date:05-08-2011