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Applied studies and practice-oriented activities

Scientists from the Institute are involved in direct application of scientific results and participate in technology transfer in various branches of industry, agriculture, medicine and sports. During the last years, up to 30-40 contracts are concluded annually with local industrial organizations.

The Institute innovation activity is realized via projects financed by the National Innovation Fund. For now, 4 projects are under operation and another three are under way.

Center for Technology Transfer in mechanics was founded in collaboration with the foundation "GIS-Transfer Center" established by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Researchers from the Institute design artistic fountain complexes and there are many water fountains built with their participation in Sofia and other Bulgarian towns.

The Institute is co-founder of the cluster "Mechatronics and Automation" financed by the PHARE program of the EU. It collaborates with 13 organizations within the framework of that cluster, 10 of which are small and medium enterprises.

The Institute is certified to legally estimate concrete castings in compliance with the Bulgarian State Standard, and its certification number is NB 1938 in the European Commission registry.


Modified date:07-03-2012