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Stanimir Dimitrov Iliev


Position: Professor

Department: Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulations

Room number: 330

Phone: +359 2 979 6459


Scientific degrees, institution, year:

M.S., Moscow State University, Moscow,  1984

Ph.D., Moscow State University, Moscow,  1989; supervisor: Acad. of RAN Prof. DSci N. Moiseev

D. Sc.,  Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2010

Fields of Research:

Fluid Mechanics, Applied mathematics, Operations research, Epistemology

Extended Information:

Research Scientist, Moscow State University, Institute for Time Nature Explorations, Laboratory "Time and Culture"



Recent Publications:

  • Stanimir Iliev, Nina Pesheva, Pavel Iliev, Contact angle hysteresis on random self-affine rough surfaces in Wenzel’s wetting regime: Numerical study. PHYSICAL REVIEW E 107, 024802 (2023).
  • Iliev S., Pesheva N., Iliev P. Dependence of the contact line roughness exponent on the contact angle on substrates with dilute mesa defects: numerical study. The European Physical Journal E 45, 66 (2022).
  • S. Iliev, N. Pesheva, P Iliev, Depinning regimes and contact angle hysteresis of a drop on doubly periodic microtextured surfaces, Physical Review E 101 (5), Art. No 052801 (2020).
  • L.P. Ilieva, S.D. Iliev CLASSICAL SAMKHYA FROM THE PERSPECTIVEOF THE COGNITIVE THEORY OF EMOTION, Religious studies almanac, 11, Moscow,  2023, 172-208.
  • Ilieva L.P., Iliev S.D. Emotions from the point of view of the pragmatic theory of information and communication, Highly Availabile Systems,  Vol. 18, No. 3, Moscow, 2022, 45-58.

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