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Verislav Angelov

Verislav Angelov

Position: Assistant Professor, PhD


Department: Fluid Mechanics

Open Laboratory of Experimental Micro and Nano Mechanics (OLEM)

Room number: 429 / bl. 4

Phone: +359 2 979 6407




Scientific degrees, institution, year:



Doctor (PhD) - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2018

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Chemistry, 1999

Fields of Research:


Preparation of polymer nanocomposites. Investigations of structure and properties of nanocomposites. TEM, SEM and AFM microscopy. DSC, XRD and XRF analysis. Rheology. EPR spectroscopy.


Extended Information


Recent Publications:

  • I. Petrova, V. Angelov, E. Ivanov, R. Kotsilkova, C.Chatzimanolis-Moustakas, A. Kyritsis, S. Cimmino, C. Silvestre, D. Duraccio, M. Pezzuto. "Investigation electrical and rheological properties of PP/MWCNT/OC nanocomposites"- 12 NCTAM congress proceeding (submitted).
  • I. Petrova, E. Ivanov, R. Kotsilkova, Yu. Tsekov, V. Angelov, " Applied study on mechanics of nanocomposites with carbon nanofillers", Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2013, vol. 43, № 3, 67-76
  • I. Borovanska, Yu. Tsekov, V.Angelov, E. Ivanov, R. Kotsilkova, Str. Djoumaliisky, "Tribological measurements of polypropylene nanocomposites by scratch and friction tests.", Tribological Journal BULTRIB, 2013, Vol III, 226-235
  • M. Gabrovska, R. Edreva-Kardjieva, V. Angelov, D. Crisan, J.M. Millet , "Mg-Al and Mg-In oxide compounds as catalyst components for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane. Part II. Characterization of the calcined materials.", Rev. Roum. Chim, 2007, 52 (5), 527-532.
  • M. Gabrovska, R. Edreva-Kardjieva, V. Angelov, D. Crisan, G. Munteanu, J. Vedrine, "Mg-Al and Mg-In oxide compounds as catalyst components for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane. Part I: Preparation and characterization of the as-synthesized materials.", Rev. Roum. Chim, 2007, 52 (5), 521-525.
  • V. Dryanska, I. Pashkuleva,V. Angelov, "A convenient synthesis of threo-4-amino-3, 4-diphenylbutanoic acid and its derivatives.", J. Chem. Research (S), 2003, Issue 2, 89-90



  • Research plan (2014-2016): Multifunctional polymer nanocomposites with grapheme and carbon nanotubes: rheological, micro and nano mechanical study of reinforcing effect of nanofillers in polymers.
  • COST Action MP1206 "Electrospun nano-fibres for bio inspired composite materials and innovative industrial applications" (2013-2017), participant
  • COST ACTION MP1202 "Rational Design of Hybrid Interfaces (HINT)"(2013-2016), participant
  • COST ACTION FA0904 "Eco-sustainable Food Packaging based on Polymer Nanomaterials" (2010-2014), participant
  • FP7 – INCO.2010-6.1 – CSA – 266529/ BY-NanoERA "Institutional Development of Applied Nanoelectromagnetics: Belarus in ERA Widening" (2010-2013), participant
  • Bilateral Project BAS - CNR, Italy."Polymer nanocomposites with multiwall carbon nanotubes for engineering application" (2002 – 2016)



Union of Chemists in Bulgaria

Society for chemical education and history and philosophy of chemistry

Bulgarian Catalysis Club

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