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Physico-Chemical Mechanics

The Department of Physico-Chemical Mechanics conducts scientific research in the area of polymer and silicate composites as well as on hybrid basis along the "composition-structure-properties-technology" chain using methods covering the fields of mechanics, physics, chemistry and engineering. Theoretical and experimental investigations are focused on optimization of structural, mechanical and technological performance of materials intended for use in building and polymer customer industries.

Attention is directed to the study of conventional and newly formed reinforced polymer and silicate composites for practical applications that include common and filler-reinforced conventional materials, self-compacting and high-strength concretes as well as those involving waste and recycled materials. The main efforts are directed to the modification and adaptation of efficient technologies for obtaining and application of new developed composites. Basic physico-mechanical and structural characteristics, surface and interphase physico-chemical interactions are studied using classic and up-to-date physical methods. Among them nanoindentation, computer tomography and other methods for direct observation are used. The obtained results broaden the basic knowledge and are oriented to the examination of composite materials that allow controlling their structure and accordingly desired properties.



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Margarita Milcheva Natova

(Head of Departament)


979 6417

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mirona Konstantinova Mironova-Gospodinova (Scientific Secretary)


979 2011

Eng. Chemist, Evelina Mitkova Simeonova-Ivanova


505 979 6716

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Filip Spasov Ublekov

Block 1


Eng. Chemist, Tanya Ivanova Radeva 505 979 6716

Technician, Rumen Nikolaev Evlogiev


Block 1

979 3221


Turnery Staff, Georgi Kirilov Gotsev


Block 1




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