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Tsvetomir Rumenov Borisov


Position: specialist


Solid Mechanics

Room number: 309

Phone: +359 878794735



Scientific degrees, institution, year:



Mechanical Engineer - University of Mining and Geology - Sofia, 2023

Fields of Research:


- Methods of non-destructive testing.

- Ultrasonic methods.

- Fatigue of materials.

- Hydrogen embrittlement of metals.

- Mechanics of destruction

Extended Information


Recent Publications:

  • Borisov, Ts., Mirchev, Y., Conventional Methods for Non-destructive Testing of Main Gas Pipelines. International journal "NDT Days", 6, 4, Bulgarian Society for NDT, 2023, ISSN:2603-4018, 213-221

  • Mirchev, YN, Lysenko, II, Borisov, Ts., Kovtun, VA, Chukachev, PA. Eddy Current Array Testing of Seam Thin-Walled Tube Made of Steel. International journal "NDT Days", 6, 3, Bulgarian Society for NDT, 2023, ISSN:2603-4018, 137-147

  • Tzvetkov, N.T., Borisov, Ts., The equilibrium between rouging and derouging: A new method for “Green” derouging and rust removal for industrial applications. Bulgarian Society for NDT International Journal “NDT Days”. 1, 5, 2023, ISSN:2603-4018

  • Mirchev, YN, Kovtun, VA, Chukachev, PH, Borisov, Ts., Bond Testing of Composite Honeycomb Part of Boeing and Airbus. International journal "NDT Days", 5, 2, Bulgarian Society for NDT, 2022, ISSN:2603-4018, 65-82



Recent Projects:



Membership: National Scientific and Technical Society of Non-Destructive Testing.


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