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Ana Yanakieva Yanakieva

Position: Docent d-r

DepartmentSolid Mechanics

Room number: 307

Phone: +359 2 979 64 42

Scientific degrees, institution, year:

Docent, Inst. of Mech., BAS, 2011

Assis. prof., Inst. of Mech., BAS, 2003

Fields of Research:

Mechanics of materials, Composite Materials, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs), FEM


Project: Mechano-mathematical modeling of the behavior of intelligent bi-material structures, DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018), head


Selected Publications:

  1. Ana Yanakieva, Gergana Nikolova, Comparision of the Methods of Determining SIF and ERR and their Aplication to Recycled Materials. JTAM (Bulgaria), 50(4),(2020), SJR 0,28
  2. Ivanov, Ya., Yanakieva, A., Kazandjiev, R. Industry 4 and Higer Education in Civil Enginiring. Engineering Sciences, 3, Journal of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, DOI 10.7546, 35-43, 2020, ISSN:1312-5702
  3. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, G. Nikolova, Residual Resource of Emergency-loaded Concrete Columns under Pressure and Micro-damage, Comptes rendus de l'Académie bulgarie des Sciences, Tome 72 (8), (2019), IF 0.34
  4. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, Energy Saving and Surface Reinforced Structural Elements with Transition Areas, Series in Applied Mathematics and Mathematics, 10, Inst. of Mechanics, BAS, (2018); Supported by DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018)
  5. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, Theoretical-experimental Method of Multiscalle Modelling of Two-component Materials, MATEC, 154, EDP Sciemces, (2018), SJR: 0,118; Supported by DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018)
  6. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, G. Nikolova, Modelling of the Bending Behaviour of a Double Reinforced Beam for Application in NZEBs, In Springer Proc. Energy Publishing, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-45677-_20, pp 167-173 (2017); Supported by DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018)
  7. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, Numerical Modelling of Surface Reinforsed Rod Structures, In Proc. XLV Int. Summer School - Conf. APM, pp 69-76, Saint Petersburg, Russia, (2017); Supported by DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018)
  8. Nikolova G., A. Yanakieva, Fracture Mechanics Energy Approach for Determination of Stresses in a Craced Bi-material Element by Analytical and FE methods, Book of Abstracts, Inter. Conf. on Applied Analysis and Mathematical Modelling, ICAAMM 2015, Istanbul, Turkey (2015); Supported by DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018)
  9. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, Bending of Concrete Beams Reinforced via Thin Layers, In Proc.: XV Inter. Scientific Conf. VSU, 4-5 June, pp I-73-78, Sofia, Bulgaria (2015); Supported by DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018)
  10. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, N. Nikolov, Direct and Inverse Identification of Composites with Microstructure, On CD, 86th Annual Meeting of the Int. Assoc. of Appl. Math. and Mechanics, March 23-27, GAMM, Lecce, Italy (2015); Supported by DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018)
  11. Yanakieva A., V. Valeva, J. Ivanova, Zenon Mróz, CNT Composites with Application in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, In Proc: Inter. Conf. on Civil Engineering Design and Construction, 11-13 Sept., pp 291-295, Varna, Bulgaria, (2014)
  12. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, N. Nikolov, Approximative Procedure to Homogenization of Microstructured Composite Materials, Int. Sci. Conf. VSU, Vol.2, pp II-19-25, Sofia, Bulagaria (2014)
  13. Baltov A., A.Yanakieva, Numerical Procedure for Identification for constitutive Equations Based on Exparimental data, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, BAS, 43(3), 43-50, (2013)
  14. Zenon Mrόz, A.Yanakieva, V. Valeva, J. Ivanova, Analytical Pullout Analysis for Carbon nanotube-cement Composites under Static Loading, Comptes rendus de l'Académie bulgarie des Sciences, Tome 66 (3), 431-438, (2013), IF 0.34
  15. Nikola N., D.Pashkuleva, A.Yanakieva, Identification of Mechanical Characteristics of an Amorphous Metallic Material, Comptes rendus de l'Académie bulgarie des Sciences, Tome 66 (1), 119-126, (2013), IF 0.34
  16. Baltov A., A.Yanakieva, New Materials with Application in Structural Engineering, In Proc.: XII Inter. Scientific Conf. VSU, 7-8 June, pp I-1-9, Sofia, Bulgaria (2012)
  17. Kazakov K., A.Yanakieva, Computational Effectivness of the Augmented Lagrange Method in the FE Simulations of Pull-out of Steel Bar and Concrete, Comptes rendus de l'Académie bulgarie des Sciences, Tome 65 (2), 219-224, (2012), IF 0.34
  18. Yanakieva A., M.Datcheva, E.Stoimenva, Statistical Analysis of the Effect of Epoxy Insulated Steel Bar on the Pull-Out Bonding, Comptes rendus de l'Académie bulgarie des Sciences, Tome 64 (7), 1035-1042, (2011) IF 0.34
  19. Nikolov N., A.Yanakieva, D.Pashkuleva, FE Modeling of Sheet Steel Speciment under Biaxial Loading, In Proc.: The VII Int. Conf. Research and Development of Mechanical Elements and Systems, IRMES2011, 27-28 April, pp 603-610, Zlatibor, Serbia (2011) download abstract
  20. Yanakieva A. and K. Kazakov, FEM Assessment of the Mechanical Properties of Single Wall Carbon Nano Tubes, In Book of Abstracts, GAMM, pp 157, April 18-21, Graz, Austria, (2011) download abstract
  21. Yanakieva A. and K. Kazakov, Dynamic Computational Model of Cyclic Loading of Steel bar in unconfined Concrete Solid, J. of Theor. and Appl. Mech. 40(2), 47-54, (2010)
  22. Yanakieva A., Contact Texture Impact on Covered Steel-Concrete Bond, In Proc.: 37 SolMech Conference, Sept. 6-10, pp 212-213, Warsaw, Poland (2010)
  23. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, N. Nikolov, Zones de sécurité en cas de détérioration de la liaison d’acier/béton d’une structure en béton armé, Revue de génie industriel (5), 36-42, (2010), IF 0.34 paper
  24. Baltov A. and A. Yanakieva, Numerical Method to Interpred the Optical Set Points Experimental Results for Deformed Crystalline Bodies, On CD, March 22-26, GAMM, Karlsruhe, Germany (2010)
  25. Yanakieva А., K. Kazakov, On the Influence of the Steel Protections over the Bond Capacity between the Concrete and the Steel Elements, In Proc.: XI Nat. and V Int. Sci. Conf., Planning, design, construction and building renewal, 25-27 Nov., pp 547-554, iNDiS, Novi Sad, (2009)
  26. Kazakov K. & A. Yanakieva, FEM numerical simulation and ductile capacity analysis of bond-slip between epoxy coated plain steel bars and concrete, Surface Effects and Contact Mechanics IX, WIT PRESS, 9-11 June, pp 217-226, Algarve, Portugal (2009)
  27. Yanakieva A. and K.Kazakov, Comparison of FE computational models of the pullout process of steel bar in concrete solid, In Proc.: XVII International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics, CMM, 18-21 May, pp 513-514, Zielona Góra, Poland (2009)
  28. Yanakieva A. and K.Kazakov, FEM Simulation of Bond-Slip Behaviour between Epoxy Coated Plain Steel Rebars and Concrete, On CD: International Conference 70 Years of FCE STU, 4-5 Dec., Bratislava, Slovakia (2008)
  29. Yanakieva A., Protection of metal joints and Rehabilitation of structures, III International conference of Civil Engineering and Structures-Theory and Practice, DCB, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 7-9 Oct., pp 219-227 (2004)
  30. Yanakieva A., Bonding between protected steel reinforcement and concrete, In Proc.: IX National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Varna, Bulgaria, 19-22 Sept. 2001, Volume 1,  pp 627-632 (2001)
  31. Yanakiev Ya., A. Yanakieva, K. Delev, Combustibility Reduction of Thin-walled Structures with a Timber Frame, In Proc.: Int. Conf. on Experimental Model Results and Testing of Thin-walled Structures, Sept., pp.135-138, Prague, Czech Republic (1997)


  1. Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik /GAMM/
  2. Union of Scientists in Bulgaria /USB/
  3. International Association of Engineers /IAENG/

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