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      Date: Mar 21, 2010
     Title: Honorary Diploma
Honorary Diploma „Innovative Scientific-Research Organization of the Year" conferred on the Institute of Mechanics

The Institute of Mechanics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IMech-BAS) participated in the 2009's National Contest of Innovative Enterprise and was awarded an honorary diploma as an

"Innovative Scientific-Research Organization of the Year"

The contest field was implementation of a new or significantly improved product, and the expertise was carried out accounting for a number of criteria, including innovation, cooperation, financing by public and private innovation programs, innovation technical level and degree of intellectual property guard. The prize was awarded for the first time, and two scientific-research organizations gained distinction in 2009. The IMech contest products were (i) Automated System for NDT of the Mechanical Properties and Structure of Metallic Materials and (ii) Device for Acupressure for Functional Rehabilitation of Patients with Serious Locomotor Immobility, the latter being a novelty in the field. Patentees are the following IMech scientists - Assoc. Prof. G. Velev (for the NDT automated system), and Assoc. Prof. Lidiya Ilieva-Mitutsova, Assoc. Prof. Kamen Delchev, Assist. Prof. Vladimir Vitkov and Assoc. Prof. Ivan Chavdarov (for the acupressure device). The prize was bestowed by Mr. Boyko Borissov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, during the 6th National Innovation Forum organized by the Applied Research and Communications Fund, Enterprise Europe Network - Bulgaria, the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism and the World Bank Mission to Bulgaria.

Diploma Innovation 2009
In the photo: Assoc. Prof. Lidiya Mitutsova, Assoc. Prof. Emil Manoach-Director of the IMech, Assoc. Prof. Kamen Delchev, Assist. Prof. Vladimir Vitkov, Assoc. Prof. Ivan Chavdarov


For more information refer to the site of the Applied Research and Communications Fund