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      Date: Jan 28, 2013
     Title: BIOMATH13
International Conference BIOMATH13 - June 16--21, 2013, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

BIOMATH13: International Conference of Mathematical Methods

and Models in Biosciences and Young Scientists School

Date: June 16--21, 2013

Location: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria.


Description: This annual event is devoted to recent research in life sciences based on applications of mathematics as well as mathematics applied to or motivated by biological studies. It is a multidisciplinary meeting forum for researchers who develop and apply mathematical and computational tools to the study of phenomena in the broad fields of biology, ecology, medicine, biotechnology, bioengineering, environmental science, etc.


The Institute of Mechanics -BAS is one of the co-organizers of BIOMATH13.




NOTE: An interval analysis session is planned.