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Обединен семинар по механика

На 17.12.2009 г. (четвъртък) от 13.30 часа в зала 200 на ИМех  доклад ще изнесе проф. Хр. Христов (Dept of Mathematics, Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA, USA).

На 17.12.2009 г. (четвъртък) от 13.30 часа в зала 200 на Института по механика -БАН проф. Христо Христов от Университета на Луизиана в Лафайет, САЩ ще изнесе доклад на тема:

Frame indifferent formulation of heat conduction law
involving flux relaxation (Maxwell-Cattaneo law)


Abstract: It was found that Maxwell-Cattaneo law for the relaxation processes in heat conduction leads to paradoxical results if the material body is moving, and it was shown that the use of a convective derivative removes the paradox (see [1]). In the resting frame, the equations are the same as in a frame that moves with constant velocity. The formulation of [1] led to a typical coupled system, from which a single equation for the temperature could not be obtained. A material-invariant (frame indifferent) version of the Maxwell-Cattaneo law has been recently proposed in [2] where the relaxation rate of the heat flux is given by Oldroyd's upper-convected derivative. We discuss here the features of the new formulation, e.g., the possibility of elimination of the heat flux and obtaining a single equation for the temperature field. This feature is to be expected from a truly frame indifferent description. The problem of heat convection in a vertical slot subject two both horizontal and vertical pressure gradient is considered as a featuring example where the contribution of Oldroyd terms can be identified explicitly.


[1] C. I. Christov and P. M. Jordan. Heat conduction paradox involving second sound propagation in moving media. Phys. Rev. Lett., 94:154301, 2005.
[2] C. I. Christov. On frame indifferent formulation of the Maxwell-Cattaneo model of finite-speed heat conduction. Mechanics Research Communications, 36:481-486, 2009.


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