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Tatiana Vasileva Simeonova


Position: Assist. Prof. PhD

Department: Solid Mechanics

Room number: 514

Phone: +359 2 979 67 16



Scientific degrees, institution, year:



PhD - Technical University-Sofia, 2015 year

Master of Science - Master Engineer- Technical University-Sofia, 2009 year


Fields of Research:

Applied fracture mechanics; Crack resistance and wear resistance of materials and coatings; Advanced materials and technologies.

Extended Information

Recent Publications:

1. Simeonova, T., “Characterization of ceramic layers produced by plasma transferred arc process”, Tribological Journal BULTRIB, ISSN: 1313-9878,  Vol. 4, 2014 , pp. 181-186

2. Simeonova, T., Tongov, M., Avdeev, G., “Microstructure and properties of NiCrBSiC overlay coatings deposited by plasma scanning process”, 2014, WIT Transactions on the Build Environment, №137, pp. 553-564, ISSN: 1743-3509

3. Tongov, M., Simeonova, T., “Study of the wear-resistance of layers, obtained by plasma melting”, Tribological Journal BULTRIB, ISSN 1313-9878. vol. III, №3, 2013, pp.358

4. Tongov, M., Simeonova, T., “Study of the formation of layers produced by high concentrated energy”, 11-th International Scientific Conference of the Association Of Machine Technology Faculties in Bulgaria “AMTEH’2012”, PROCEEDINGS, ISBN 978-954-438-994-9, pp.156-165,

5. Genov, J., Simeonov, V., Kamburov, V., Simeonova, T., “Thermal treatment influence with structure and properties of steel ШХ15 (100Cr6) after surfacial plastic deformation”, Machines Technologies Materials, Issue 4-5, 2007


Recent Projects:

“Development support of PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and young scientists in the field of virtual engineering and industrial technologies”, 2012-2014

“Obtaining wear resistant layers on a base of ceramic and metal powders using plasma arc process”, 2012



National guild - Society of Railway Track Engineers (NGSRTE)


Modified date:19-07-2018