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Georgi Petrov Katsarov

Position: Electronics technician

Department/Laboratory: Mechatronics


Room number: 208





Scientific degrees, institution, year:

Student of Science in Engineering

Engineer of Electronics, Microelectronics

Technical University Sofia, 2015-


Fields of Research:


Biomechanics of human motion;

Design of Pneumatic control systems;

Soft and wearable robotics;

Rehabilitation Robotics;


Virtual Reality and haptic controll;

Data acquisition devices and motion capture for measurement and analysis of signals during locomotion;

Control and regulation techniques;

Specialized micro controllers, Programing;

Software engineering;


Extended Information

Recent Projects

• "Development of an innovative solution for rehabilitation after a cerebrovascular accident or spinal cord injury" (Contract 11IF-02-14/03.12.2020– 03.06.2022), National Innovation Fund;

• Advanced Wearable Robots/Orthoses/ for Natural and Safe physical Interaction with Humans AWERON, National Science Fund, ДН07/9, (2017-2018);



  1. P. Venev, G. Katsarov, Iv. Veneva et al., Application for patent for invention "System for non-invasive electrostimulation of acupuncture points", Enter. No. 113532 of 13.05.2022.

  2. P. Venev, G. Katsarov, Iv. Veneva et al., Certificate of registration of utility model "System for non-invasive electrostimulation of acupuncture points", Reg. No. 4315 U1 / 15.09.2022

Recent Publications:

  1. Veneva, I., Venev, P., Katsarov, G. Angelova, S., "Rehabilitation device with rotary pneumatic actuator, 2023, 14 National Conference with International Participation ELECTRONICA 2023, 1-3 June 2023, Sofia, Bulgaria, Conference Proceedings, Technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE

  2. Venev, P., Veneva, I., Katsarov, G., Chakarov, D. Rehabilitation Device for Lower Limbs Through Virtual Training and Electrical Acupuncture Stimulation, Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, 2022, vol. 530 LNNS, pp. 560–571

  3. Veneva, I., Venev, P., Chakarov, D., Katsarov, G. Device for Electrical Acupuncture Stimulation, 13th National Conference with International Participation, ELECTRONICA 2022 - Proceedings, pp. 1-4, 2022




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