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Theme 2

Theory and practice of complex systems - methodology and applications

A) complex fluid, social and other complex systems in natural sciences and biology

B) nanocomposites




Director of research: Prof. Nikolay K. Vitanov, Ph. D., Dr. rer.nat, D. Sc.





tel.: +3592


Nikolay Kolev Vitanov, Prof. D.Sc.


979 6416

Stefan Petrov Radev, Prof. D.Sc.


979 6457

Elena Vancheva Nikolova, Prof. Ph. D.


979 6443

Zlatinka Dimitrova, Prof.,Ph.D.




Ivan Peychev Yordanov, PhD


979 6416

Tsvetelina Ivanova, MSc.


979 6416


Marin Mutafchiev, MSc.

Kaloyan Vitanov, Ph. D. Student





The research in this direction is concentrated to the following scientific areas:

  1. Development and application of methods for analytical and numerical solution of nonlinear partial differential equations connected to models of fluids and other complex systems

  2. Investigations of the upper bounds of the transport in of energy, mass and other quantities by fluids

  3. Flow of bio-fluids and dynamics of microbiological systems

  4. Multi-scale modeling of fluid bio-fluid and biological systems

  5. Adaptation of the mathematical methods of the fluid mechanics and nonlinear dynamics for implementation for modeling of other complex mechanical, physical, chemical, biological and social systems

  6. Linear and nonlinear time series analysis of time series from fluids and other complex systems

Modified date:27-02-2024