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Theme 1




Phone: (+359 2)


Prof. D. Sc. Evtim Venets Zahariev - Project Leader


979 6481

Prof. Ph.D. Clementina Mladenova


979 6418

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Alexander Borisoff Kazakoff


979 6429

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Boycho Ivanov Marinov


979 64 29

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Galia Tzvetkova


979 6465

Main Tasks:

1. Three Dimensional group of rotation parametrizations and problems application of their decomposition. Leading researcher: Prof. Dr. Clementina Dimitrova Mladenova

Problems will be investigated and solved from rotation decomposition along three random axes in the three dimensional space and in this sense the so called new Oiler’s angles to be proposed.

2. Big elastic constructions dynamics investigation. Leading researcher: Prof. D.Sc. Evtim Zahariev

The work on big elastic systems modelling will continue, subjected to external loading, wave processes and earthquakes. Methods and program systems for motion planning and optimisation of elastic systems and systems with non controllable degrees of freedom will be developed with respect to harmful displacements suppression and vibrations.

3. Investigation on dynamics and shock vibration loadings in certain class machines with respect to their normal work guarantee in exploitation mode. Leading researcher: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boicho Marinov

The work on investigation on dynamics and shock vibration processes in different classes machines will continue (most of all – transport devices and wood cutting machines) with respect to their normal work guarantee and decrease the energy losses in exploitation mode.

4. Synthesis and computer modelling of optimal and secure trajectories of the aims of mutual work robot-human. Leading researcher: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galia Tzvetkova.

Planning optimal motions and avoidance of collisions for robotic arms operating in complex environments. Synthesis of control to ensure avoidance of static or dynamic obstacles in partially or completely cluttered workspace.

5. Investigation on mechanical systems rigid bodies with pre-determined (lawfully) established links and interactions. Leading researcher: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Kazakoff

Mechanical and mathematical modelling of mechanical systems, defining space motion transformation in a higher order dimensional space. Modelling is based on the angular motion transformation in 2D and 3D aspect. Investigation on the multi-body system model behaviour after shock and shock vibration processes. Characterization of the dynamic properties of viscosoelastic elements, subjected to different types external loading. The obtained results are supposed to be applied in cases of shock-vibration and vibration transmissions, subjected to a high magnitude deformations and loadings. Performance of investigations is in the field of experimental dynamics, finite element analysis, as well as in signal analysis. Application of the results from the 3D transformations as a basis for series of future investigations for presentation of the dynamic behaviour of 3D spatial single and double mass dynamic models in a higher order dimensional space.

Modified date:21-04-2020