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Theme 1

Development of mathematical fluid models for studying problems of new materials and space, health, modern industries and vehicles



Director of research: Prof. Sonya Tabakova, Ph. D.




tel.: +3592


Sonya Stoyanova Tabakova, Prof. Ph.D.


979 6476

Assoc. member - Stefan Petrov Radev, Prof. D.Sc.


979 6457

Dantchi Hristova Koulova-Nenova, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D.


979 6435

Polya Stoykova Dobreva, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D.


979 6433

Nina Filipova Filipova, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D.


979 6454

Svetla Petrova Miladinova-Marinova, Assist. Prof. Ph.D.


979 6435

Radko Petkov, Assoc. Prof. D.Sc. 224 979 6433
Olga Nikolova Nitcheva, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. 224 979 6433
Mila Georgieva Chilikova-Lubomirova, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. 224 979 6433

Assoc. member- Georgi Simeonov Vassilev, Assist. Prof.


979 6454

Assoc. member-Monio Donev Kartalev,Assoc.Prof.Ph.D.


979 6433

The research direction includes research from the following scientific areas:

  • Dynamics, stability and heat transport in capillary jets, liquid films and droplets; thermal and concentration instability of monolayer and bi-layer systems of viscous single-phase and two-phase fluids;
  • Investigation of the mageto-hydrodynamic and electro-hydrodynamic instabilities of magnetic and dielectric fluids;
  • Application of hydrodynamic approach for modeling of processes in the near- Earth space and for modeling of interaction between solar wind and comets and non- magnetic planets;
  • Development of a droplet-making device for droplet-based irrigation systems by mathe- matical modeling and computer simulations;
  • Numerical and analytical study of biofluid systems with application to medicine;
  • Numerical modeling of recharge of watershed groundwater;
  • Model study of groundwater pollution along rivers and modeling the movement of pollution groundwater in river banks;
  • Control and monitoring of impacts on water systems, caused by natural and climate change and human activities.

Modified date:12-12-2023