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OLEM Theme in the Research Plan of IMech-BAS, Department Fluid Mechanics (2023-2025):

Development,  characterization and validation of  multifunctional, hybrid polymer nanocomposites for sensing application.

Project Leader: Prof. Evgeni Ivanov, PhD

Project Team: Prof. DSc. Rumiana Kotsilkova, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Todor Batakliev, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Georgiev, Assoc. Prof. Giovanni Spinelli, Assist. Prof. Dzhihan Menseidov, Assist. Prof. Verislav Angelov, Chem. Eng. Stiliyana Stoyanova (PhD student), Eng. Rosella Guarini.

Task 1:

Development of hybrid nanocomposites with integrated structure and multifunctionality.

Leading researcher: Prof. DSc. Rumiana Kotsilkova


Task 2:

Evaluation of the factors determining the reinforcing effect of nanofillers in hybrid nanocomposites at the macro, micro and nanoscale level.

Leading researcher: Prof. Evgeni Evanov


Task 3:

Assembling integrated structures by 3D printing of different filament types in certain sequence to achieve desired multifunctionality.

Leading researcher: Prof. DSc Rumiana Kotsilkova

Modified date:23-02-2023