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Strashimir Djoumaliisky

Strashimir Djoumaliisky

Institute of Mechanics

Department: Physico-Chemical Mechanics

Phone: +359 2 979 6409



Scientific degrees, institution, year:



Assoc. Prof., Institute of Metal Sci., BAS 1998

Ph.D., Institute of Metal Sci., BAS, 1991


Fields of Research:


Polymer recycling, Extrusion, Modification, Polymer foams: processing, structure and properties

Extended Information


Recent Publications:


  • S. Djoumaliisky, R.Benavente, G. Kotzev, V. Vulchev, E. Krusteva, R. Krastev, Conductive Composites Based on Metallocene Isotactic Polypropylene: Preparation and Properties, Macromol. Symposia, 2011 (in print). ISSN:1022 (IF=0.913)

  • G. Kotzev, G., Vulchev V., Djoumaliisky S., Natova M., Krastev R., Electroconductivity and mechanical properties of melt compounded PP/carbon black composites, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology 2011, vol. 11 (in print). ISSN:1313-8995

  • I. Borovanska, S. Djoumaliisky, G. Kotzev, Sound absosbtion of foamed blends based on secondery polymers modified with ethylene-propylene-diene monomer(EPDM), 26th Internаtional Сonference"Defectoscopy'11, Scientific Rroceedings, 2011, 121(1), 295-299. ISSN: 1310-3946.

  • S. Djoumaliisky, M. L. Cerrada, T. Dobreva, P. Zipper. Development of β and α isotactic polypropylene polymorphs in injection molded structural foams. Chemical Papers, 2010, vol. 64 (2), 246-254. ISSN: 0366-6352 (IF=0.791)

  • E. Krusteva, S. Djoumaliisky, R. Benavente, M.L.Cerrada, G. Kotzev, E. Pérez, J.M. Pereña, T. Dobreva, Rheological properties of metallocene based-polypropylene nanocomposites, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, 2010, vol. 10, pp 193-196. ISSN: 1313-8995

  • E. Ivanov, R. Kotsilkova, E. Krusteva, S. Djoumaliisky, R. Krastev, St. Djunova, Effects of maleic anhydride on the rheological, mechanical and thermal properties of polypropylene/MWCNT composites, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, 2010, vol. 10, 34-37. ISSN: 1313-8995

  • S. Djoumaliisky, R. Benavente, M. L. Cerrada, G. Kotzev, M. Natova, J. M. Pereña, E. Pérez, T. Dobreva. Characterization of carbon black filled nanocomposites based on metallocene i-PP, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology 2009, vol. 9, 168-171. ISSN: 1313-8995

  • G. Kotzev, S. Djoumaliisky, M. Natova, T. Dobreva, R. Krastev. Mechanical properties and heat resistance of foamed polypropylene/carbon black nanocomposites, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology 2009, vol. 9, 172- 175. ISSN: 1313-8995

  • E. Ivanov, E. Krusteva, S. Djoumaliisky, R. Kotsilkova, R. Krastev, D. Duraccio, C. Silvestre, F. Cimmino, Effects of processing on rheology and structure of PP/carbon nanotube composites, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, 2008, vol. 8, 89-92. ISBN: 978-954-322-286-5.

  • S. Djoumaliisky, G. Kotzev, E. Krusteva, M. Iliev, M. Krasteva, Preparation and rheological behaviour of PP/carbon black nanocomposites, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, 2008, vol. 8, 101-104. ISBN: 978-954-322-286-5.

  • G. Kotzev, S. Djoumaliisky, M. Krasteva, M. Iliev, E. Perez, M.L. Cerrada, Effect of sample configuration on the morphology of foamed LDPE/PP blends injection molded by gas counterpessure process, Macromol. Mater. Eng. 2007, vol. 292 (6), 769-779. ISSN: 1438-7492 (IF = 1,925)

  • S. Djoumaliisky, G. Kotzev, Recycling of unsorted polymer wastes by compatibilizing agent, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on the Mechanical and Technology of Composite Material, Sofia, 2006, 204-209.

  • M. Stephan, S. Grosse, S. Djoumaliisky, Das ProzessMicroPhotometer PMP zur echtzeitnahen Reinheits analyse strömender Kunststoffschmelzen bei Extrusion und Spritzguss, Jahresbericht IPF Dresden, 2006, 37-46, .

  • S. Djoumaliisky, M. Stephan, S. Grosse, Real-time detection of gas bubbles in flowing gas-charged polymer melts, 20th Conference on Non-Destructive Testing, June 13-15, 2005, Sozopol, Bulgaria, Proceeding, 324-329. ISSN: 1310-3946.

  • G. Кotzev, M. Iliev, M.L. Cerada, M. Krasteva, E. Perez, S. Djoumaliisky, Studies of nano and micro scale structure formed in foamed polyolefin blends injection molded by gas-counter pressure process, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, 2005, 5, 46-50. ISBN: 978-954-322-286-5.

  • S. Djoumaliisky, P. Zipper, Modification of recycled polymer blends with activated natural zeolite, Macromol. Symp, 2004, vol. 217, 391-400. ISSN:1022 (IF=0.913)

  • S. Djoumaliisky, P. Zipper, Wide-angle X-ray studies on foamed polyolefin blends injection-molded by gas-counter pressure process, J. of UChTM, 2003, vol. 38 (1), 347-352. ISSN:1311-7629

  • P. Zipper, S. Djoumaliisky, Site-resolved wide-angle X-ray scattering studies on structural PP -foams injection-molded by the low-pressure process, J. Macromol. Sci. Part B-Physics, 2002, vol. B41, 725-743. ISSN: 0022-2348 (IF=0.837)

  • S. Djoumaliisky, D. Christova, I. Petrov, N. Touleshkov, E. Nedkov, Flow behaviour of gas-containing LDPE/i-PP melts, Macromol. Symp. 2002, vol. 181, 493-499. ISSN:1022 (IF=0.913)

  • P. Zipper, S. Djoumaliisky, Site-resolved X-ray scattering studies, II The morphology in injection-molded PP foams, Macromol. Symp. 2002, vol. 181, 421- 426. ISSN:1022 (IF=0.913)

  • G. Kotzev, S. Djoumaliisky, N. Touleshkov, Investigation on blowing agent system based on sodium bicarbonate, J. of UChTM, 2002, vol. 37(1), 141-150. ISSN:1311-7629


Recent Projects:

- National Science Fund - MES/ DTK-02/7/Thematic Competition: "Recycling of mixed plastic waste from households" (2010-2012), coordinator.

- National Science Fund - MES/ DО-02-202/Thematic Competition: "Foamed PP nanocomposites: processing, structural characterization, thermomechanical behavior and application" (2009-2011), participant.

- Bilateral Agreement BAS - ICTP, CSIC, Spain, Project title: "Foamed nanocomposites based on metallocene polyolefins: structural characterization and thermomechanical behavior" (2008-2009), coordinator.

- COST № D15/0018/00 Project title: "Interaction at microscopic solid surfaces: Surface modified zeolites and crosslinking agents for the improvements of polymer blends" (2001-2005), participant.

- Grant for a research visit in Institute of Chemistry, Graz University, Austria (Prof. Dr P. Zipper, 2000-2002, 6 months, Heinrich-Jörg Stiftung) "Site-resolved wide-angle X-ray scattering studies on structural PP-foams"

- Grant for a research visit in Leibniz-Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Germany (Prof. Dr. M. Stephan, 2003-2004, 6 months) "Realtime/inline detection of inhomogenities in flowing polymer melts. Monitoring of extrusion foaming processes using microphotometric measuring methods"

- Grant for a research visit in Leibniz-Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Germany (Dr. B. Kretzschmar, 2011, 3 months) "Investigation the efficiency of extrusion equipment for melt compounding by vibration assisted method"


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