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Emilian Petkov Atanassov

Institute of Mechanics

Position: PhD student

Department Solid Mechanics

Phone: +359 2 979 6486





Scientific degrees, institution, year:

Magister Degree in Applied Mathematics, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, March 2011



Ph D Student, Institute of Mechanics, BAS from 1st October 2011



Master Thesis: Analitical and numerical modeling of He-SrBr2 vapor laser, determination the parameters of gas-discharge plasma.

Supervisor - Assoc. Prof. Krassimir Temelkov (Institute of Solid State Physics, BAS)


PhD Thesis: Mechanics of carbon nanotubes

Supervisor -Vassil Vassilev,PhD,Assoc. Prof.

Fields of Research:


Equilibrium of fluid membranes, Equilibrium of carbon nanotubes, their electromagnetic, optic and chemical properties, Hydrodynamics of thin liquid fields, Metal vapor lasers, Gas-discharge plasma', Applications of the laser ablation in the investigations of fluid membranes and carbon nanotubes



Extended Information


1. Krassimir Angelov Temelkov, Nikolay Kirilov Vuchkov, Banging Mao, Emilian Petkov Atanassov, Lyudmil Lyutov and Nikola Sabotoinov, Associate Member, IEEE "High-power Sr Atom laser excited in nanosecond pulsed longitudinal He-SrBr2 discharge", IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, Volume 45, Issue 3, 2009, Pages 278-281 . This work was supported by projects of Bulgarian-Chinese Scientific and Technological Corporation 2K-11-02/2006"Ultraviolet CuBr and and infrared SrBr2 lasers" and by BK-03-08 of ISSP-Bulgarian Academy of Sciences







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