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OLEM Theme in the Research Plan of IMech-BAS, Department Fluid Mechanics (2020-2023):

Development of reinforced and functional polymer nanocomposites for 3D printing application.

Leader: Prof. Evgeni Ivanov, PhD

New nanocomposite materials will be developed, based on specific polymers (PVDF, HDPE and PLA) filled with hybrid fillers (mixure of graphene, carbon nanotubes, etc.). Nanocomposite filaments with specific properties, such as high strength and extraordinary thermal and electrical conductivity will be produced and investigated for 3D printing (FDM) application in the field of mechatronics and electronics.


Task 1:

Development of rheological method for the design of polymer nanocomposites with hybrid fillers, as well as for the optimization of 3D printing process.

Leader: Prof. DSc. Rumiana Kotsilkova


Task 2:

Investigation of mechanical reinforcement of hybrid fillers at macro, micro and nanoscale  in both nanocomposites and 3D printed structures.

Leader: Prof. Evgeni Evanov


Task 3:

Functionalities of the 3D printed nanocomposite structures -  investigation of thermal stability, thermal conductivity and electrical dc-conductivity.

Leader: Prof. DSc Rumiana Kotsilkova

Modified date:16-08-2022