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Vladimir Konstantinov Kotev


Position:Assoc. Professor

Department: Mechatronics

Room number: 62

Phone: +359 2 979



Scientific degrees, institution, year:



Doctoral degree in Biomechanics,

Institute of Mechanics – BAS, 2008.


Master's degree in Mechanical engineering,

Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria, 2002


Fields of Research:


Design, dynamical modeling and control of robots and mechatronic systems for biomedical applications. Micro robotics. Biomechanics and Biomathematics.

Extended Information

Postdoctoral researcher in medical robotics at the Gifu University – Japan from October 2011 to October 2013.


Recent Publications:


1.      G. Boiadjiev, R. Kastelov, T. Boiadjiev, Vl. Kotev, K. Delchev, K. Zagurski, Vl. Vitkov, "Design and performance study of an orthopedic surgery robotized module for automatic bone drilling", The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, Vol.9,No4, pp:455-463, 2013.

2.     G. Boiadjiev, Vl. Kotev, K. Delchev, T. Boiadjiev, “Modeling and Development of a Robotized Hand-Hold Bone Cutting Device”, Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 300-301, pp:479-483, 2013.

3.    Vl. Kotev, H. Kawasaki, T. Mouri, T. Goto, G. Boiadjiev: "A robotized bone cutting tool: Control by Cutting conditions", The 31-st Annual conference of RSJ, Tokyo Metropolitan University, September 4-6, 2013.

4.    Vl. Kotev, G. Boiadjiev, H. Kawasaki, T. Mouri, K. Delchev, T. Boiadjiev, " Design of a hand-held robotized module for bone drilling and cutting in orthopedic surgery", 2012 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII), Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, pp: 504-509, 2012.

5.    K. Kostadinov, D. Trifonov, M. Al-Wahab, Vl. Kotev, T. Petrov, “CD-Based microfluidic device for automated immobilization and microinjection of biological cell”, Journal of Micro and Nanosystems, vol.1,No 3, pp. 236-249, 2011.

6.     Vl. Kotev, K. Kostadinov, P. Genova, “Design of incorporated macro-micro robots for macro and micro operations”, 8th International conference on informatics in control, automation and robotics (ICINCO 2011), 28-31 July 2011, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands. Proceedings ICINCO 2011, vol.2, pp: 273-276, 2011.

7.   G. Georgiev, Vl. Kotev, T. Tiankov, “Accuracy and calibration of micropositioning robotic systems”. Journal ACTA Technica corviniensis – Bulletin of engineering, Fascicule 3, July – September, tome III, pp: 125-130, 2010.

8.     P. Genova, K. Kostadinov, Vl. Kotev, “Kinematic invariants with infinitesimally close positions of mechanisms with two degrees of freedom”. Theoretical and Applied mechanics, 2-5 Sept. 2009, Borovets, Bulgaria, 2009.

9.     P. Genova, Vl. Kotev, T. Tiankov, K. Kostadinov, ”Integration of micro robotized structures with large range robots”. 4-th International conference “Optimization of the robots and manipulators”, Proceedings OPTIROB 2009 – Constanta, 28-31 may 2009, pp: 69-73, 2009.

10.  S. Nikolov, V. Petrov, Vl. Kotev, G. Georgiev, “Mathematical description of time delays in pathways cross talk”, Handbook of Research on Systems Biology Applications in Medicine, pp:27-73, 2008.

11.  S. Nikolov, J. Vera, Vl. Kotev, O. Wolkenhauer, V. Petrov, “Dynamical properties of a delayed protein cross talk model, BioSystems, vol. 91, pp: 51-68, 2008.

12.  Kotev, Vl. “Dynamical behaviour of a time delay model of the ERK and STAT5 interaction”, Bioautomation suppl., vol. 8,1, pp:123-132, 2007.





Recent Projects:


1.    Specialized Mechatronic Systems for Micro and Nano Technology;

2.    New Methods and Means for Renovating of Extrusion Shafts;

3.  Hybrid Ultra Precision Manufacturing Process Based on Positional- and Self Assembly for Complex Micro- Products -HYDROMEL /EU, FP6/;

4.    Computational Systems Biology of Cell Signaling – COSBICS Grant No.512060 /EU, FP6/.



1.    Member of the Bulgarian Society of Biomechanics

2.    Member of the Bulgarian Scientists Association




Bulgarian academy of Science’s award Professor Marin Drinov for young scientists under 35 years in the area of technical science – 2011.


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