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Eugeni Koytchev


Institute of Mechanics

Position: Assistant, Ph.D.

Department of Biomechanics

Phone: +359 2 979 2006

Room № 110



Scientific degrees, institution, year:


2002 Dentistry DDS Sofia Dental Faculty

Medical University, Sofia.

2008 PhD degree in Dentistry

Osaka University, Graduate School of Dentistry



Fields of Research:



Human dentin, adhesive dentistry, biomaterials for dental use, resin composite materials, tooth fractures, endodontics, implants


Extended Information



Recent Publications:


  1. Hayashi M; Koychev E V; Okamura K; Sugeta A; Hongo C; Okuyama K; Ebisu S. (2008) Heat treatment strengthens human dentin. Journal of dental research 2008;87(8):762-6.
  2. Hayashi Mikako; Okamura Kenji; Wu Hongxia; Takahashi Yutaka; Koytchev Evgeni V; Imazato Satoshi; Ebisu Shigeyuki. (2008) The root canal bonding of chemical-cured total-etch resin cements. Journal of endodontics 2008;34(5):583-6.
  3. Hongxia Wu, Mikako Hayashi, Kenji Okamura, Evgeni V Koytchev, Satoshi Imazato, Saori Tanaka, Yuko Tanaka, Hidehiko Sano, Shigeyuki Ebisu. .(2009) Effects of light penetration and smear layer removal on adhesion of post-cores to root canal dentin by self-etching adhesives. Dental materials : official publication of the Academy of Dental Materials. 2009 Dec;25(12): 1484-92.
  4. Hayashi M; Okamura K; Koychev E V; Furuya Y; Sugeta A; Ota T; Ebisu S. (2010)Effects of rehydration on dentin strengthened by heating or UV irradiation. Journal of dental research 2010; 89(2):154-8.


Recent Projects:




Bulgarian Dental Union

British Dental Council



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