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Ana Yanakieva Yanakieva


Position: Docent d-r

DepartmentSolid Mechanics

Room number: 307

Phone: +359 2 979 64 42

Scientific degrees, institution, year:

Docent, Inst. of Mech., BAS, 2011

Assis. prof., Inst. of Mech., BAS, 2003

Fields of Research:

Mechanics of materials, Composite Materials, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs), FEM

Selected Publications (2017-2023):


  1. Yanakieva, A, Nikolova, G, Baltov, A. (2023) Bearing capacity of surface-strengthened concrete beam elements. Parametric analysis. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1276, 012014, IOP Publishing, ISSN:1757-899X, DOI:10.1088/1757-899X/1276/1/012014, link
  2. Yanakieva, A., Baltov A., Nikolova G. (2022). Safety Zones within the Load Space of Diffusely Surface-reinforced Stuctural Components. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 52(4), 351-364. DOI:, 351-364. SJR (Scopus):0.21, link
  3. Yanakieva, A., Baltov, A. and Nikolova, G. (2022). Determination of the Safety Zones According to the Bearing Capacity of Overloaded Structural Elements. Proceedings of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. 75, 12 (Dec. 2022), 1822–1829. DOI: JCR-IF (Web of Science):0.329, link
  4. Ana Yanakieva, Gergana Nikolova, Comparison of the Methods of Determining SIF and ERR and their Aplication to Recycled Materials. JTAM (Bulgaria), 50(4),(2020), SJR 0,28, link
  5. Ivanov, Ya, Yanakieva, A., Kazandjiev, R. Industry 4 and Higer Education in Civil Engineering. Engineering Sciences, 3, Journal of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2020, ISSN:1312-5702; e-ISSN: 2603-3452, DOI:10.7546/EngSci.LVII.20.03.03, 35-43, link
  6. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, G. Nikolova, Residual Resource of Emergency-loaded Concrete Columns under Pressure and Micro-damage, Comptes rendus de l'Académie bulgarie des Sciences, Tome 72 (8), (2019), IF 0.34
  7. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, Energy Saving and Surface Reinforced Structural Elements with Transition Areas, Series in Applied Mathematics and Mathematics, 10, Inst. of Mechanics, BAS, (2018); Supported by DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018)
  8. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, Theoretical-experimental Method of Multiscalle Modelling of Two-component Materials, MATEC, 154, EDP Sciemces, (2018), SJR: 0,118; Supported by DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018), link
  9. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, G. Nikolova, Modelling of the Bending Behaviour of a Double Reinforced Beam for Application in NZEBs, In Springer Proc. Energy Publishing, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-45677-_20, pp 167-173 (2017); Supported by DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018)
  10. Baltov A., A. Yanakieva, Numerical Modelling of Surface Reinforsed Rod Structures, In Proc. XLV Int. Summer School - Conf. APM, pp 69-76, Saint Petersburg, Russia, (2017); Supported by DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018)



Project: Mechano-mathematical modeling of the behavior of intelligent bi-material structures, DFNI E02/10 121214, (2014-2018), head



  1. Union of Scientists in Bulgaria /USB/
  2. International Association of Engineers /IAENG/





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