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Research Keys



The Laboratory of “Physico-Chemical Hydrodynamics” is founded in 1983. The Laboratory is involved in two basic research fields, whose results are applied to engineering, industrial, and management practice:

-  Study of the instability, dynamics, and turbulence in capillary fluid systems (jets, fibers, films, drops, emulsions and suspensions) in the presence of physico-chemical and hydrodynamic interactions with interfaces and environment as well as in the presence of transport processes;

-  Application of methods of the statistical mechanics, the population dynamics, and the network theory to complex natural, social, and economical (production and fiscal) systems.
Analytical, numerical and experimental methods, the theory of dynamical systems, theory of chaos and theory of traffic are developed.

The Laboratory works in close collaboration with researchers in France (CNRS), Germany (Max–Plank Institute), USA (Notre Dame University), and Russia (Moscow State University). The Laboratory takes part in cooperative bilateral projects, including those of European scientific programs (COST, 7th FP).



Research Keys
Fluid Mechanics,   Theory of hydrodynamic stability,   Heat and Mass Transfer,   Wetting phenomena,
Liquid droplets,    Rarefied Gas Dynamics,       Applied Mathematics


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