The topic covers a number of problems treating the mechanical behavior of various materials (metals, metallic and non-metallic composites, ceramics, biological tissues) subjected to different types of external impacts. Analytical models are developed on macro-, micro- and nano-level and numerical simulations are performed, respectively. Various phenomena are analyzed - micro and nano- damage of metals undergoing plastic forming, friction between metal contacting surfaces, chemical attack on porous mineral composites and related change of material structure and mechanical properties, strengthening of metallic and non-metallic composites with micro- and nano-fillers etc. The theory has a solid experimental backup, and new techniques and instruments are developed for material destructive and nondestructive testing. Following the European standards, programs, textbooks and exercises are also worked out, and training courses for nondestructive testing personnel are held.


Researchers: Assoc. Prof. Robert Kazandjiev (coordinator); Assoc. Prof. Vassil Vassilev; Assoc. Prof. Peter Djondjorov; Assoc. Prof. Yonka Ivanova; Prof. Vasil Kavardjikov; Assoc. Prof. Nikola Nikolov; Assoc. Prof. Ludmila Parashkevova; Assoc. Prof. Alexander Popov; Assoc. Prof. Katia Simeonova; Assoc. Prof. Georgi Stoilov; Assoc. Prof. Dessislava Pashkouleva; Assioc. Prof. Ana Yanakieva; Alexander R. Alexiev; Yordan Mirchev; Ivelina Marinova

Collaborators: Corr. M. A. Baltov (IMech-BAS, assoc. m.); Prof. N. Boncheva (IMech-BAS, assoc. m.); Prof. M. Mihovski (IMech-BAS, assoc. m.); Assoc. Prof. I. Mladenov (IBBE- BAS); Assist. Prof. G. Stefanov (IMSET-BAS); Assoc. Prof. S. Yaneva (IMSET-BAS); Assoc. Prof. B. Tabakova (TU-Sofia); Assoc. Prof. T. Avdjieva (SU-Sofia); Assoc. Prof. T. Partalin (SU-Sofia); Assist. Prof. S. Yankova (UCTM-Sofia); Corr. M. S. Vodenicharov (IMSET-BAS); MD G. Georgiev (MU-Pleven); Prof., PhD Siegfried Schmauder (University of Stuttgart, Germany); Prof. V. Trockii( IE, Kiev); Corr. M. E. Gorkunov (IM - Ekaterininburg); Assoc. Prof.V. Kovtun (MPRI-Belarus)