Name, type, identification number, manufacturer

Measured magnitude, Measuring range


Nanoindenter Agilent Nano Indenter G200, purchased under joint project № ТК01 / 0185 with NSF between IMech and IFH-BAS

1,5 mm


Universal testing machine ZD 10/90

Loading from 100 kgf to10 000 kgf

±5 kgf


Universal testing machine FU1000/E

Loading from 0,4 kgf to 60 kgf


±20 gf


Analytical balance WA-33


0.5g-200 g


Accuracy class 1

Partition value 0.00001

Electronic balance




Measuring microscope ММИ-2 817468


Resolution 5 μm

Metallographic microscope MИМ -7


Magnification from x60 to x650

Ultrasonic PC Card

Frequency range 0.5-25 MHz

Amplitude and time


Magnetic Noise Voltage Meter

Average value of the magnetic noise voltage


Thermoelectric voltage meter

Average value of the thermoelectric voltage