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Open Laboratory on Experimental Micro and Nano Mechanics (OLEM)

OLEM is a structural unit in the Department Fluid Mechanics.


OLEM Presentations:

Open Laboratory on Experimental Micro & Nano Mechanics (OLEM) was founded in 2010 and equipped under the Research Infrastructure Project DO-02-53, supported by the Bulgarian Science Fund, as well as by partial support from several European H2020 and FP7 Projects.

OLEM activities are focused on fabrication, characterization and application of polymer nanocomposite nanomaterials, as well as on education and training of young researchers.


Research Topics:

Theme 2B in the Scientific Plan of Fluid Mechanics Department, IMech-BAS.

"Polymer Nanocomposites" - Coordinator: Prof. D.Sc Rumiana Kotsilkova

Task 5: "Polymer nanocomposites with graphene and carbon nanotubes - technology, properties and applications" - Coordinator: Prof. PhD Evgeni Ivanov.


A research on the development and characterization of polymer nanocomposites with graphene and carbon nanotubes is carried out for functional and structural applications. The experimental and theoretical investigations are focused on approaches of fluid mechanics (rheology), micro-and nanomechanics of solid materials and surfaces, physical chemistry and physics. Methods of experimental and theoretical rheology, nanostructure characterization, thermal analysis, nanoindentation, tribology, deformation and fracture are mainly applied. The aim of this research is to estabish a processing-structure-property relationship in polymer nanocomposites around the percolation threshold, depending on interfacial and interparticle interactions, for the design of novel nanocomposites with potential applications in 3D printing, electronics and mechatronics.


OLEM address is Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Block 4, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria.



(+359 2)


Prof. D.Sc. Rumiana Kotsilkova



979 6462

Prof. Dr. Evgeni Ivanov


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Assist. Professor Dr. Ivanka Petrova


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Assist. Professor Dr. Verislav Angelov


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Assistant Dr. Hristiana Velihkova


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Assistant Dr. Polya Angelova

425 979 6481

Assistant Radost Ivanova - PhD student

425 979 6481

Assisт. Prof. Dr. Dzhihan Menseidov

429 979 6407

Аssociated members

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Antonia Topliyska


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