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Yonka Petkova Ivanova


Assoc. Prof., PhD

Department: Solid Mechanics

“Mechanics, Diagnostics and non-destructive testing”

Room number: 309

Phone: +359 2 979 6445



Scientific degrees, institution, year:

Assoc.Prof., Institute of Mechanics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2010.

Assist.Prof. I degree, Institute of Mechanics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2005.

Assist.Prof. II degree, Institute of Mechanics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2000.

PhD, Institute of Mechanics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2000.

MSc, Technical University –Sofia, 1994.


Fields of Research:

Non-destructive testing (NDT), Ultrasonic (UT), Magnetic-particle (MPT), Magnetic-noise Barkhausen method, Acoustic emission (AE) methods, Ultrasonic spectrum analysis, NDT evaluation of microstructure, elastic properties, residual stresses; NDT investigation of surface hardened layers; Signal Processing; Research and development of the procedures of the non-destructive evaluation of the microstructure, material properties and material degradation;




Extended Information

NDT specialist III level - Certificate in NDT area, according to standards EN 473 and ISO 9712 for methods and levels as followed: UT-III, PT-III, MT-III;

Participation in organization of International conferences “NDT days”;

Training in NDT Training Center in Institute of Mechanics – BAS

Recent Publications:

Ivanova Y., T.Partalin, Tabakova B., Evaluation of Material Degradation in Steam Pipelines, 18th World Conference on Nondestructive Testing, 16-20 April 2012, Durban, South Africa, e-Journal of NDT (eJNDT) ISSN 1435-4934

Ivanova Y., T. Partalin, Comparative measurements of the stress state in a rolled carbon steel using magnetic Barkhausen noise and ultrasonic method, Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing, 2012, Volume 48, Issue 2, pp 137-146, Ltd., Springer Link, (ISSN 1061-8309)

Ivanova Y., T. Partalin, Investigation of stress-state in rolled sheets by ultrasonic techniques, ULTRAGARSAS (ULTRASOUND), Vol. 66, No. 1, 2011, ISSN 1392-2114.

Ivanova Y., T. Partalin, B. Tabakova, Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Investigation of the Structure State of Steam Pipelines,  Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing, 2011, Vol. 47, No. 1, pp. 57–64. Pleiades Publishing 2011. , Ltd., Springer Link, (ISSN 1061-8309)

Ivanova Y., T. Partalin, Stress measurements in a rolled carbon steel using magnetic barkhausen noise and ultrasonic methods, Sci. Proc. Sci. Tech. Union Mech. Eng., 26th Intern. Сonf. ”NDT days 2011”, year XIX, Vol. № 1 (121), pp. 42 45 (2011). (ISSN 1310-3946)

Ivanova Y., Mihovski M., Partalin T., Experimental study of the ultrasonic wave propagation in materials with mechanical stresses, JTAM, vol. 40, No. 2, pp. 71–76 (2010). (ISSN 0861-6663)

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Ivanova Y., Mihovski M., Partalin T. Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Materials with Mechanical Stresses, In Proc.10th EC NDT 7-11 June, Moscow 2010, paper 1.3.83 , e-Journal of NDT (eJNDT) (2010). (ISSN 1435-4934).

Ivanova Y., T.Partalin, B. Tabakova, Аpplication of the methods for processing signals from ultrasonic surface waves during the study of induction-tempered materials, 17th World Conference on Non-destructive testing`08, 25-28 Oct 2008, Shanghai, China,

Ivanova Y., T. Partalin, Possibilities of ultrasonic methods for assessment of finish treatments, 8 International Conference, Scientific reports, 18-20 June 2008, Kranevo, Bulgaria, pp.281-287 (2008)

Ivanova Y., G. Telbizov, Possibilities for assessment of bending stresses using ultrasonic surface waves, Scientific  Proceedings XXIII National Conference with international participation, NDT days 2008, 10-13 June, Sozopol, pp.185 (2008) (in Bulgarian) (ISSN 1310-3946)

Ivanova Y., T. Partalin , Dependence between structural parameters in steels with anisotropy and their acoustic properties, Scientific proceedings “Akustika’07” , year ІX, №. 9, December 2007, pp. 88-95 (ISSN 1312-4897)

Mihovski M., Al. Alexiev, B.Kovachev, B.Kirov, Y.Mirchev, Y. Ivanova, Modeling the propagation of Ultrasonic waves in medium with non-homogeneities, EC NDT 2006, Sept. 25-29, Berlin, (2006).  e-Journal of NDT (eJNDT) (ISSN 1435-4934)

Ivanova Y., T.Partalin, M. Mihovski, T. Avdjieva, Non-destructive ultrasonic evaluation of the surface hardened materials, XXI National Conference with international participation, “NDT’06” 11-15 June, Sozopol,  № 3(86), June 2006, pp.401-412, (ISSN 1310-3946).

Avdjieva T., Y. Ivanova, Application of Ultrasonic Methods for Characterization of Treated Rail Steels, Journal of Materials Science and Technology, Vol.14, N1, 2006,pp.31-47 (2006).

Ivanova Y., T.Partalin, T. Avdjieva, M. Mihovski, Al. Popov, Ultrasonic characterization of superficial layers in hardened steels, 10th National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 13-16 September 2005, Varna, Bulgaria, pp.226-229 (2005).

Ivanova Y., Ultrasonic spectral analysis of martensite structures, XX Bulgarian Conference “NDT’05” № 1(79), June 2005, pp.60-66 (2005) (in Bulgarian). (ISSN 1310-3946)

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Ivanova Y., Ultrasonic spectral analysis of carbon steels, Conference “Akustika 2004,Year VI, №6, December 2004, pp.3-11 (2004) (in Bulgarian).

Makedonski A.I., J.P.Ivanova, Methods for investigation of surface properties in carbon steels after combined electrophysical treatment, 2nd Asia-Pacific Forum on Precision surface finishing and Deburring technology, 22-24 July, 2002 Seoul, Korea, pp. 258-264 (2002).

Ivanova Y., Complex non-destructive investigations of the structure in carbon steels, Institute of Mechanics-BAS, Sofia, Ph.D thesis,(in Bulgarian), pp.199, 1999.

Partalin T., Y. Ivanova, Modelling of acoustic wave attenuation in polycrystalline structures, J of Mat. Sciences, vol.6, No4 (1998).

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Recent Projects:


2. International collaboration by BAS and Institute of machines building- Yekaterinburg, Ural Division, Russian Academy of Sciences “The application of the NDT methods for evaluation of the equipment of the NPP” (2009-2011)

3. International collaboration by BAS and Institute of mechanics of metal polymer system National Academy of Sciences Belarus ”The development of the new nanostructure powder systems, methods for non-destructive diagnostics and modeling of the physical and tribological characteristics of composite materials on the base of the metal” (2010-2012)

4. International collaboration by BAS and Institute of welded joints “Paton” Academy of Sciences –Ukraine “Investigation of the methods for defect registration of the metal constructions by using the phased array technique” (2010-2012)

5. International collaboration by BAS and Central institute of science and technology of machine buildings Moscow, Russia “Ultrasonic testing of the pipeline thickness by EMAT thickness gauges”


6. Ultrasonic waves propagation in materials and construction with gradient of the properties and evaluation of the status by NDT methods (2010-2012) – Institute of Mechanics-BAS



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