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  • Project DN 02/8 (2018-2019) with the  National Science Fund of Bulgaria: Exact and numerical results for the behavior of finite-dimensional inhomogeneous statistical-mechanical systems exhibiting phase transitions; project leader Prof. DSc D. Danchev;

  • Project DN 02/7 (2016-2019) with the National Science Fund of Bulgaria:

    Theoretical Investigation of nonequilibrium gas flows in micro / nano systems ; project leader Prof. DSc St. Stefanov;

  • Marie Curie Initial Training Programme (Seventh Framework Programme , SP3-People: GRANT GASMEMS: Gas Flows in Micro Electro Mechanical System PITN-GA-2008-215504; project leader Prof. DSc St. Stefanov;

  • A team from IMech as a Third party is participating in project HP-SEE, of EC, 7FP, Programme Capacities- Scientific infrastructures, grant #261499, in the period 01.09.2010 - 31.08.2012;

  • Modeling of micro-fluidic flows in MEMS grant DID 02/20 -2009 of  NSF-Bulgaria
  • Specialized mechatronic systems for micro and nano-technologies TK171/08 of  NSF-Bulgaria; project leader Prof. DSc St. Stefanov;

  • Center of Excellence "Supercomputer applications" DО 02 115/08 of  NSF-Bulgaria; (participant Assoc. Prof. DSc S. Iliev);

  • Competence center for simulations and business processes DО 02 75/08 with NSF-Bulgaria; (participant Assoc. Prof. DSc S. Iliev);

  • Project 01-3-1072-2009/2013 "Theory of condensed matter and new materials" of the Scientific Problems Plan of the International Organization JINR-DUBNA - project leader: Prof. DSc J. Brankov;

  • Development of algorithms, numerical schemes and their application in micorfluidics and fluctuation-induced interactions, DMU 03/37,  2011, NSF of Bulgaria; project leader Prof. DSc D. Danchev

Modified date:15-02-2019