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Theme 1

Mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of phenomena and processes occurring in nonhomogeneous many-particle systems




tel. (+359 2)


Prof. DSc Daniel Danchev - Project leader


979 6447

Prof. DSc Jordan Brankov


979 6439

Assoc. Prof. DSc Stanimir Iliev


979 6488

Assoc. Prof. Dr Stefan Stefanov


979 6463

Assoc. Prof. Dr Nina Pesheva


979 6439

Assist. Nadezhda Banzarova


979 6701

Assoc. member- Assoc. Prof. Dr Sl. Slavtchev


979 6456

PhD student - Galin Valchev


979 6701


The goal of this project is the obtaining of new theoretical results for the fluctuation interactions and the thermodynamic behaviour of low-dimensional fluid systems. Density fluctuations of a low-dimensional fluid system, e.g., thin film, in the neighborhood of the critical point "fluid-vapor" leads to the appearance of an effective interaction force, known as Casimir force, between the plates confining the fluid and also to an effective interaction between objects immersed in the fluid. Depending on the material properties of the fluid and the immersed objects, this effective interaction could be an attractive force or an repulsive force. Taking into account the presence of this type of interaction is very important for the proper functioning of micro and nano- devices and of the nano-technologies. This is the reason why this kind of studies are so exceptionally popular now.






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