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Philip Yordanov Philipoff


Position: Assoc. Prof. PhD


Department: Solid Mechanics

Room number: 432

Phone: +359 2 979 64 85


Mobile phones:

+359 9 888 19 190

+359 879 456 437

+359 888 28 11 75




Scientific degrees, institution, year:



PhD in Applied Mechanics

High Education:

1) “Civil Engineering Structures”, Civil Engineer,  UASG
2) „Applied Mathematics” Applied Mathematics Faculty Technical University – Sofia
3) PhD Dissertation in Applied Mechanics Area, Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
4) „Control Systems” – post doctor cource , Automation Faculty – Technical University - Sofia


Fields of Research:



1)    Wave propagation in multi layered media

2)    Soil – Structure interaction problems

3)    Wave propagation in structures

4)    Spectral properties of signals



Recent Publications:


K.0. PhD Dissertation Institute of Mechanics


1. K_1_2014.  Филипов Ф., (1987), Моделиране на системи среда - конструкция при сеизмични въздействия, Докторат – Автореферат, Институт по Механика – БАН, София, България

Philipoff Ph., (1987), “Modelling of Soil-Structure Interaction Systems under Seismic Loading”, Ph. D Dissertation - Abstract, Institute of Mechanics-BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria (in Bulgarian).


K.1. Some papers published in impact factor Journals

2. K_2_2014. Bushev S., S.Stefanov, K.Ishtev, Ph.Philipoff, (1994), Processes of Shot Peening Mechanics, Comptes rendus de l’Academie Bulgare des Sciences, Physique, Tome 47, N 11, pp.9-12, impact factor = 0,211

3. K_3_2014. Philipoff Ph., N.Shopolov, K.Ishtev, P.Dineva, (1997), Wave Propagation in Multilayered Media, Pergamon, Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods & Applications, Vol.30, No.4, pp.2031-2040, impact factor=0,465

4. K_4_2014. Philipoff Ph., Ph.Michaylov, (2007), BELENE Nuclear Power Plant Numerical and Experimental Bedrock, Layers and Surface Signals, J. Applied Mathematical Modeling, Elsevier, pp-1889-1898, impact factor = 1.706

5. K_5_2014. Philipoff Ph., Ph.Michaylov, (2007), “BELENE” Nuclear Power Plant Numerical and Experimental Free Field Signals, Сибирский журнал вычислительной математики, РАН, Сиб.отд-ние Новосибирск, том 10, N1, pp. 105-122.

6. K_6_2014. Maya Kurteva, Philip Philipoff, Dimitar Dimitrov, (2009), Assessment of Some Elements of Environmental Risk Factors in the Bulgarian Mountains, Comptes rendus de l’Acad´emie bulgare des Sciences, Tome 62, Number 6, pp-745-752., impact factor=0,211

7. K_7_2014. Philipoff, Ph., D.Demirev, A.Yusuf, M.Islam, D.Stankov, D.Bankova, Ph. Michaylov, (2010), Some Psychology and Technical Aspects of a Rescue Operation in the Musala Peak Region (Rila Mountain), Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, Elsevier, WCPCG-2010.

K_8.1_2014. Филипов Ф., В.Чобанов, М.Грамматиколоулос, Ф.Михайлов, (2009), Математическая модель системы конструкция – среда с неопределенной границей, Сибирский журнал вычислительной математики, РАН Сиб.отделение, Новосибирск, Том 12, №2, pp. 221-230. (in Russian), AMS subject classification: 74L10, 74S30

8. K_8.2_2014. Philipoff, Ph., V.Tchobanov, M.Grammatikoloulos, Ph.Michaylov, (2009), An infinite boundary soil-structure interaction mathematical model, Numerical Analysis and Applications, ISSN 1995-4239(Print), ISSN 1995-4247(Online), Vo;ume 2, Number 2, April 2009, DOI 10.1134/51995423909020098, SpringerLink Date Friday, June 05,2009.

9. K_9_2014. Jivkov V., Ph.Philipoff, An.Ivanov, M.Munoz, G.Raikova, M.Tatur, Ph. Michaylov, (2013), Spectral properties of quadruple symmetric real functions, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Elsevier, pp. 343-350., impact factor= 1.394



Recent Projects:

Participation in more than 20 Bulgarian and EC scientific projects.




a) International Scientific Committee Member of World Conference of Psychology, Consulting and Decision Making;

b) Board Member of the Canadian scientific Journal

„Journal of Mathematics Research”;

c) Board of the Directors Member of „Cluster European Experts”;

d) Co-chairman of Federation „Science and High Education”;

e) Bulgarian Council of Peace Secretary


Additional information:

Some essays:

„White temples of Belgrade”


„Star named Bulgaria”

„Where we lead bridges Bulgarian”

„Bulgarian military crossroads”

„Miraculous Icon”

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„BAS winning the war against BAS”


The main topic of the essays: Essential scientific politics and develop of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in capacity of National Research Center visible in Europe and in the world.


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