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Open Laboratory on Experimental Micro and Nano Mechanics (OLEM)

OLEM is a structural unit in the Department Fluid Mechanics.


Open Laboratory on Experimental Micro and Nano Mechanics (OLEM) is founded in 2010 under the Research Infrastructure Project DO-02-53, supported by the Bulgarian Science Fund. OLEM is equipped with advanced techniques for testing of nanomaterials within several National and International Projects.

OLEM is carried a research on the design and characterization of polymer nanocomposites and reinforced polymers with nanofillers for functional and structural applications. The experimental and theoretical investigations are focused on approaches of fluid mechanics, surface mechanics, interfacial interactions, percolation structure, and processing-structure-properties relationships. Methods of experimental and theoretical rheology, nanostructure characterization, thermal analysis, mechanical properties characterization at macro, micro and nanoscale are applied to study nanomaterials, films, fibers, bulk samples and small details.

OLEM address is Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Block 4, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria.



(+359 2)


Prof. D.Sc. Rumiana Kotsilkova


405, Block 4

979 6462

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evgeni Ivanov

427, Block 4

979 6481


Assist. Prof. Ivanka Petrova

429, Block 4

979 6407

Assist. Prof.Verislav Angelov

429, Block 4

979 6407

Assist. Prof. Hristiana Velihkova

PhD student

429, Block 4

979 6407

Assist. Prof. Polya Angelova

PhD student

425, Block 4 979 6407

Assist. Prof. Radost Ivanova

420, Block 4 979 6407

Peter Todorov -PhD student

Block 4

Аssociated members

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Antonia Topliyska

405, Block 4

979 6462





Micro and Nano Mechanics of Materials

Rheology and Thermal Analysis

Processing of Nanocomposites

3D Printing of Prototypes

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