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Ivanka Petrova



Position: Assistant Professor

Department: Fluid Mechanics

Open Laboratory of Experimental Micro and Nano Mechanics (OLEM)

Room number: 429 / bl. 4

Phone: +359 2 979 6407



Scientific degrees, institution, year:



Doctor (PhD)

Title of PhD Thesis:"Rheology, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Ternary Polymer Nanocomposites with Clay and Carbon Nanotubes", Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, 2018.


Master of "Wastewater Treatment"; Department of Mineral Processing and Recycling; University of Mining and Geology "St.Ivan Rilski"- Sofia, 2012


Engineer - Bachelor degree of "Mineral technology"; Department of Mineral Processing and Recycling; UMG "St.Ivan Rilski"- Sofia, 2010


Fields of Research:

Polymer nanocomposite processing and characterization. Rheology of polymer nanocomposites. Nano-, micro and macro- mechanics; Tribology; Nanoindentation

Extended Information


Recent Publications: 8 publications in peer review journals and 3 conference communications since 2014.

Velichkova H., Petrova I, Kotsilkov S. et all. Influence of polymer swelling and dissolution in food simulants on the release of graphene nanoplates and carbon nanotubes from polylactic acis and polypropylene composite films, J Appl. Polymer Sci., 2017, 134, 44, 45469

Velichkova H., Kotsilkov S., Petrova I. et all. Release of carbon nanoparticles of different size and shape from nanocomposite PLA film into food simulants. Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A, 2017, 34, 6, 1072-1085


I. Petrova, V. Angelov, E. Ivanov, R. Kotsilkova, C.Chatzimanolis-Moustakas, A. Kyritsis, S. Cimmino, C. Silvestre, D. Duraccio, M. Pezzuto. “Investigation electrical and rheological properties of PP/MWCNT/OC nanocomposites”- 12 NCTAM congress proceeding (submitted)


I. Petrova, E. Ivanov, R. Kotsilkova, Y. Tsekov, V. Angelov. ” Applied study on mechanics of nanocomposites with carbon nanofillers” DOI: 10.2478/jtam-2013-0026 Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Sofia, 2013, vol. 43, No. 3, pp. 67–76



Recent Projects:


- Research plan (2014-2016): Multifunctional polymer nanocomposites with grapheme and carbon nanotubes: rheological, micro and nano mechanical study of reinforcing effect of nanofillers in polymers.


- COST ACTION MP1202 HINT “Rational design of hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces: the next step towards advanced functional materials” (2012-2016), participant


- COST ACTION MP1105 (FLARETEX)” Sustainable flame retardancy for textiles and related materials based on nanoparticles substituting conventional chemicals” (2012-2016), participant





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