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Georgi Stefanov Velev


Position: Assoc. Prof

Department: Mechanics of Multibody Systems

Room number: 321

Phone: +359 2 979 6477



Scientific degrees, institution, year:


Assoc. Prof., Institute of Mechanics,2007


Fields of Research:

non-destructive testing, multi-parameter control, ecology, hybrid car systems.


Extended Information:


Recent Publications:


  1. G. Velev, Opportunity for Development of Ecological Hybrid Systems for the Urban Transport, trans & MOTAUTO '07, ХІ V International scientific-tehnical conference, Rousse, 64-67, 2007.

  2. G. Velev, B.Kovachev ,M.Mihovski, R. Kazandjev, Barkhausen Effect Application to Ferro-magnetic Materials Study, ХХІІ scientific-technical conference “NDT 2007”, Sozopol, 438-442,2007.

  3. V. Kamenov,K.Georgiev,V.Latcovski,G.Velev, Development of Mechatronic System for Non-destructive Testing of Details from Ferromagnetic Materials, Int. Conf. ICBBM’2006, Varna, 76-79,2006.

  4. G. Velev, T. Tyankov, L.Latkovski, Mechatronic System for the Non-destructive testing of Industrial Parts, Int. Conf. ICBBM’2006, Varna, 80-82,2006.

  5. G. Velev, Automated System for a Complex Non-destructive Testing of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Engineering Materials, 2nd Intern. Conf. “Power Transmissions ‘06”, Novi Sad, 317-322,2006.

  6. G.Velev, A. Andreev, A Complex Non-Destructive Testing Of Ferro-magnetic Materials, 12th Metalurgy and Materials Congress and Trade Fair, Istambul, 116-120, 2005.

  7. G.Velev, V. Latkovski, B. Vassilev, Thermo-electric Device for Non-destructive Testing of Metallic Materials, 10th Jubilee National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics,Varna ,277-282, 2005.

  8. V. Latkovski, G.Velev, B.Vassilev, A Computerized System with Imported Parameters for the Measurement of the Thermo-electric Driving voltage, 10th Jubilee National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics,Varna , II, 241-243,2005.

  9. G. Velev, V. Latkovski, A Device for Automated Complex Non-destructive Testing of Ferro- magnetic Materials, ICBM 5 Conference Proceedings, June 2-3, 2005.

  10. G.Velev, V. Latkovski, L. Mitutsova, Non-destructive Analysis of Ferromagnetic materials by Means of Barchausen effect Methods, “Akademicka dubnica 2004”, Slovenska akademicka dubnica 635-638, 2004.

  11. G. Velev, V. Latkovski, L. Mitutsova, Modular Device for an Automated Complex Non-destructive testing of Ferromagnetic Materials, trans & MOTAUTO '04, International scientific-tehnical conference , Plovdiv, 71-74, 2004.

  12. G.Velev, V. Latkovski, Automated Processing of Data of Measurements of the Thermal-electric Driving force and Magnetic Noise in Constructional Steels, trans & MOTAUTO '03, International scientific-tehnical conference, Varna , 107-109, 2003.

  13. G.Velev, V. Latkovski, A Method of Ultrasonic Study of Materials, Э. Ж.. “Техническая акустика”, Санкт Петербург, 3, 2003, http :/


Recent Projects:

“Automated System for the Study of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Ferro-magnetic Materials”


Membership: NTU




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