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Georgi Ivanov Stoilov

Position: Associate Professor

Department: Solid Mechanics

Room number: 403
Phone: +359 2 979 6262

Scientific degrees, institution, year:

PhD, CLOSPI- BAS, 1996

Fields of Research:

Image processing, optical measurement, computers, data acquisition and control systems

Extended Information


Recent Publications:

  1. V. Sainov, J. Harizanova, G. Stoilov, P. Boone, "Relative And Absolute Coordinates Measurement By Phase-Stepping Laser Interferometry", "Optics and Lasers in Biomedicine and Culture", Springer, 2000, v. 5, pp. 50- 53
  2. T. Todorov, L. Nikolova, B. Hristov, G. Stoilov, Tz. Petrova, L. Nedelchev "Spectropolarimeter" Balkan Physics Letters Proc. of BPL-4, 33-36 (2000)
  3. V. Tzenova, E. Stoykova, St. Lolov, T Karchev, G. Сtoilov, "Quantative Immunohistochenical Investigation of IgA1 and IgA2 in Nasopharyngeal and Palatine Tonsils", Biotechnology & Biotechnilogy Equipment, 3/2004/18, pp. 149-155 (2004)
  4. G. Stoilov, N. Mechkarov, P. Sharlandjiev, "Information Modelling of Two-Dimensional Optical Parameters Measurement", Information Theories & Applications, vol. 11, (2004)
  5. G. Stoilov- "Two Dimensional Measurement of Optical Parameters Using Iinverse Source Problem and Phase-Shifting Technique: Optical Scheme Modelling", Proc. SPIE, vol. 6252 (2006), pp. 625224- 625229
  6. G. Stoilov- "An Algorithm For Fresnel Diffraction Computing Based On Fractional Fourier Transform"- Information Technologies & Knowledge- vol.1, pp.181-185 (2007)
  7. Todor Todorov, Ludmila Nikolova, Georgi Stoilov, and Boian Hristov- "Spectral Stokesmeter. 1. Implementation of the device"- Applied Optics, Vol. 46, Issue 27, pp. 6662-6668 (2007)
  8. Sharlanddjiev P., Stoilov G.- "Modeling Optical Response of Thin Films: Choice of the Refractive Index Dispersion Law"-IJ ITK, vol. 2, 157- 159 (2008)
  9. G. Stoilov, V. Kavardzhikov, D. Pashkouleva- "Minimum Mean Square Error Approach in Images Processing for Full- Field Displacements and Deformation Measurements"- Intelligent Technologies and Applications, vol.2, number 5, 57-61 (2008)
  10. Кавърджиков В., Пашкулева Д., Стоилов Г., "Модернизация на универсална изпитателна машина", сб. Доклади от XVIII национален научен симпозиум с международно участие "Метрология и метрологично осигуряване", Созопол, септември 10- 14, 2008, 391- 394
  11. Peter Sharlandjiev, Georgi Stoilov-"On A Direct Approach To The Solution Of Inverse Optocal Problems"-Intelligent Technologies and Applications, vol.2, number 5, 43-46 (2008)
  12. B. Markova, B. Hristov, T. Todorov, L. Nikolova, G. Stoilov- "Spectropolarimetric investigation of the photoinduced dichroism and birefringence in malachite green/ dichromated gelatin films"- J. Opt. A: Pure Appl. Opt. 11 (2009) 065403 (4pp)
  13. Georgi Stoilov, Jordan Genov, Vasil Kavardzhikov, Jordan Kovachev ,A SOFTWARE SYSTEM FOR DETERMINATION OF FORMING LIMIT DIAGRAMS , accepted , iTech 2009
  14. Tankova, L., G.Stoilov, D.Kovatchki, A.Gegova et al. Comparative evaluation of angiogenesis in rectal cancer using Doppler ultrasound and immunohistochemical assessment. Compt rend Acad Bulg Sci 63, 2010, 1 163-166; ISSN 1310-1331;



Participation in projects:

Holography, Holographic and Laser Interferometry

Bilateral Cooperation with Flemish Scientific Society - Belgium - 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006



NoE “Three Dimensional Television – Capture, Transmission and Display”- 2004



Contract № ERBCI P CT 93 0342  with EU- 1996




Contract with Commision of the European Communities-Research Directorate-General,

“Hybrid Ultra-precision Manufacturing Process Based on Positional- and Self-assembly for Complex Micro- Products”- NMP2-CT-2006-026622

2009, 2010, 2011



Subcontract: Computer System for Diffractional Efficiency Measurement of Thin Films

Contract: “The Application of Chalcogenide and Chalcogenide Glasses in Infrared and Integrated Optics”, EU, FP4, Copernicus, Cooperation in Science and Technology with Central and Eastern Countries”


Team leader


Method for Computation of Asymmetric Holographic Gratings and Technology for Manufacturing

Holoist- Ltd


Team leader


Development of Algorithms and Computer System for 3D Scanning of Nano-, Micro- and Macro- Objects

Contract № 4ИФ-02-70/28.12.2007

National Innovation Fund -„Chitta commers” Ltd


Team leader


Modeling Processing of Deep Extension with Maximum Usage Plastic Material Resource

Contract: ВУ-ТН-211/06

Ministry of Education and Science





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