Series on Biomechanics, Vol.24, No.1, 2009

ISSN 1313-2458

International Quarterly Peer-Reviewed Journal

Edited by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Bulgarian Society of Biomechanics




Ya. Ivanov



H. Zaïdi, R. Taïar, S. Fohanno, G. Polidori

An evaluation of turbulence models in CFD simulations of underwater swimming


N.M. Antonova, P.E. Tosheva, E.T. Toshev

A 3D blood flow analysis in an artery with a symmetric and asymmetric stenosis


R.A. Turusov, O.V. Gendelman, S.A. Soldatov, A.O. Baranov, I.V. Schastlivtsev, V.I. Egorov, S. Stoytchev, I. Stefanov

Relationship between mechanical and geometrical parameters of interrupted intestinal suture


A. Bonnefoy, D. Pradon, R. Dumas, and L. Chèze

Influence of the moment arms on the quadriceps muscular force of the knee during the stance phase of the gait


E. Nikolova, V. Petrov, I. Edisonov

Dynamical modeling of RNA interference and its application to cancer therapy. A review


S. Nikolov

Bifurcation analysis of genetic control networks models with two delays


E. Nikolova, J. Timmer, V. Petrov

Time series analysis of feedback inhibitor data at expression/function levels


In Memoriam – Prof. Yuli Toshev

Professor of Biomechanics, Editor–in–Chief of Series on Biomechanics, Head of Department “Biomechanics of motion and telemanipulators”, Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences